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2 Jan. 1975
The Return of Eleanor Rogers
A judge trying a case is the subject of a series of death threats. His wife, who has a shady past, may have something to do with it.
16 Jan. 1975
The Faded Image
In the last episode to be telecast (apparently the show's cancellation came as a surprise to the producers if the three additional episodes listed here are correct), Fran is going to night-school art classes. Returning to the classroom to pick something up, she sees a clay model of a woman's face horribly mangled by a set of fingernails. Fran leaves again and is immediately set upon by someone who beats her comatose and leaves her for dead. Fran recovers enough to tell about what she saw, and Ironside's crew tries to figure out the motive. The clay sculpture was ...
The Organizer
A mobster from New York arrives in California offering to organize local gangsters for a piece of their action. Ironside's team goes undercover to stop him.
The Rolling Y
A rancher's son, just off of probation and often helped by Ironside, is accused of cattle rustling and murder. Ironside goes to help and butts heads with the local police and the boy's father.
A Matter of Life or Death
When Ironside's friend for whom Ironside was a rival for the man's wife is accidentally killed by the man's past lover, a corrupt lawyer tells the woman to avoid reporting it despite an destitute innocent man is on trial for the murder.

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