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Glen Campbell: La Boeuf



  • Rooster Cogburn : [watching Mattie ford the river hanging on the back of her horse]  By God. She reminds me of me.

    LaBoeuf : Well, then we might just not get along.

  • [LeBoeuf is spanking Mattie] 

    Mattie Ross : Are you gonna let him do this?

    Rooster Cogburn : I don't believe I will. Drop that switch, LaBoeuf. Put it down, I said. You're enjoying it too much.

    LaBoeuf : You'll find I go ahead with what I start.

    Rooster Cogburn : [Rooster draws and cocks his pistol]  You do and it'll be the biggest mistake YOU ever made, you Texas brush-popper!

  • Rooster Cogburn : Damn that Texan - when you need him, he's dead.

    LaBoeuf : I ain't dead yet, you bushwhacker. Hang on.

  • [LaBoeuf sits down for supper at the Monarch Boarding House] 

    Monarch boarder : Watch out for the chicken and dumplings. They'll hurt your eyes.

    LaBoeuf : How's that?

    Monarch boarder : They'll hurt your eyes lookin' for the chicken.

    [he and other boarders laugh] 

    LaBoeuf : You squirrel-headed bastard!

  • LaBoeuf : A little earlier I gave some thought to stealin' a kiss from you, although you are very young... and you're unattractive to boot. But now I'm of a mind to give you five or six good licks with my belt.

    Mattie Ross : Well, one would be as unpleasant as the other.

  • LaBoeuf : What are you doing?

    Rooster Cogburn : Lookin' for sign.

    LaBoeuf : You couldn't see it if you saw it.

  • [at McAlester's, Boots and Rooster are discussing the dead men; LaBoeuf walks up] 

    Capt. Boots Finch : So this is the man shot Ned Pepper's horse from under him.

    Rooster Cogburn : Yeah! This is the famous horse killer from El Paso. He believes in puttin' everybody afoot. Says there'll be less mischief that way.

    LaBoeuf : Fewer horses - fewer horse thieves.

  • [Mattie is frustrated with Rooster possibly throwing in with LaBoeuf] 

    Mattie Ross : Give me my $25 back. Hand it over!

    Rooster Cogburn : I spent it.

    Mattie Ross : You sorry piece of trash!

    Rooster Cogburn : I'll get it for you. I'll send it to you.

    Mattie Ross : Aw, that's a big story. If you think you can cheat me, you're mistaken. You've not heard the last of Mattie Ross. You may well hear from my lawyer, Daggett.


    Rooster Cogburn : [to LaBoeuf]  Lawyer Daggett? Who's lawyer Daggett?

    LaBoeuf : I wouldn't worry about him. I'd worry about our business at hand.

  • [Rooster and LaBoeuf are on the ferry; Mattie comes over to get on board] 

    LaBoeuf : You're not gettin' on this ferry.

    Mattie Ross : This is open to the public. I paid my ten cents for horse and rider.

    LaBoeuf : Red, take this girl into town to the sheriff. She's a runaway. There's also a $50 reward.

    Mattie Ross : That's a big story!

    LaBoeuf : Ask the marshal.

    Rooster Cogburn : Oh, she's a runaway, all right. Bound to be paper on her.

    Mattie Ross : They're in this story together. Now, I've got business across the river and if you interfere with me you may land up in court which you don't want to be. I've got a good lawyer in J. Noble Daggett.

    [Rooster nods to Red; Red pulls her off the ferry] 

    Rooster Cogburn : [to LaBoeuf]  Lawyer Daggett again.

    LaBoeuf : She draws him like a gun.

  • [at the camp, Mattie tastes the water] 

    Mattie Ross : That tastes like iron.

    LaBoeuf : You're lucky to be where water's so handy. I've seen the time I've drank out of a filthy hoofprint - and was glad to get it.

    Rooster Cogburn : If ever I meet one of you Texas waddies who ain't drunk water from a hoofprint, I think I'll... I'll shake their hand or buy 'em a Daniel Webster cigar.

    [points to LaBoeuf's shaggy horse] 

    Rooster Cogburn : How long you boys down there been mounted on sheep?

  • [Rooster, LaBoeuf and Mattie are taking the bodies back to McAlester's] 

    Rooster Cogburn : [to LaBoeuf]  What outfit were you with during the war?

    LaBoeuf : Shreveport, with Kirby Smith.

    Rooster Cogburn : Oh, I mean what side were you on?

    LaBoeuf : I served with General Kirby Smith.

    [Rooster starts to laugh] 

    LaBoeuf : And I don't have to hang my head when I say it either. Go ahead and make another joke about it. You want to make me look foolish in the girl's eyes anyway.

    Rooster Cogburn : You don't need me for that.

    LaBoeuf : I don't like the way you make conversation.

    Rooster Cogburn : And I don't like your conversation about Captain Quantrill?

    LaBoeuf : *Captain*? Captain of what? Bunch of thieves?

    Rooster Cogburn : Young fella, if you're looking for trouble, I'll accommodate you. Otherwise, leave it alone.

  • LaBoeuf : I wouldn't count too much on bein' able to shade somebody I didn't know, fella.

    Rooster Cogburn : [laughs]  I ain't never seen nobody from Texas I couldn't shade.

  • Mattie Ross : I will not bandy words with a drunkard.

    LaBoeuf : That's real smart. You've done nothing when you've bested a fool.

  • Capt. Boots Finch : So this is the man that shot Ned Pepper's horse from under him.

    Rooster Cogburn : Yeah, this is the famous horse killer from El Paso! He believes in putting everybody afoot. Says there will be less mischief that way.

    LaBoeuf : Fewer horses, fewer horse thieves.

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