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Season 1

17 Jan. 1974
A swanky fourteen story hotel is being robbed downtown. The team plot the arrests and how best to use the helicopter.
31 Jan. 1974
Don and Gil find themselves in a dangerous predicament when their helicopter is taken over by armed gunmen.
7 Feb. 1974
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
An invalid creates havoc when he uses a ham radio to call in fake emergencies.
14 Feb. 1974
The Informer
Don and Gil are asked to help secure a witness by using the chopper to transport him to the safe house. But when they get there, the man calls his wife and tells her where he is. So she goes there not knowing that the people who want to kill her husband is following her.
21 Feb. 1974
The Drop
When the daughter of a doctor is kidnapped. The kidnappers then call her father to tell him of their demands. And it seems he wants the police to make the ransom drop using a chopper so Don and Gil are told of this. The father only wants her daughter back, so Don makes a suggestion that he parachute out of the chopper after Gil makes the drop. So they do it.
14 Mar. 1974
Killing Time
Mitch's wife's been kidnapped. They call him to tell him that they want the chopper grounded, so he damages it so it won't fly. Gil and Don who suspect something talks to him and he admits what's happening. So the go to the Captsin and deduce that they wanted the chopper down cause they were suppose to fly aerial cover for a prosecutor who's about to indict several criminals. With info from Mitch, they deduce where they could be holding her and go there. And hopefully they can go back to protect the prosecutor.
28 Mar. 1974
Deadly Carrier
Gil and Don are working on a case involving illegal aliens. But they learn that one of the aliens is carrying a contagious disease, so a doctor is assigned to accompany them. And Don doesn't get along with her.

 Season 1 

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