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Season 4

25 Oct. 1977
Do You Still Beat Your Wife?
Pepper and Bill help a battered wife who refuses to press charges against her husband.
1 Nov. 1977
Pepper acts as a target by offering Congressional testimony against an international gun-running operation.
8 Nov. 1977
Means to an End
Pepper infiltrates a college drug ring to learn who is supplying cheap but lethal drugs to students.
22 Nov. 1977
The Inside Connection
A rookie policewoman is killed while investigating prison drug traffic, so Pepper goes undercover and discovers the prison counselor is more than she seems.
6 Dec. 1977
A serial rapist preys on hitchhikers and records their screams.
13 Dec. 1977
The Buttercup Killer
When a Greek shop owner's murdered, Crowley's surprised to learn robbery wasn't the motive. The victim was petrified with terror even before he was killed . The killer donnun's habit and walks with a limp. The only clue; a buttercup flower dropped next to the victim.The team realisesthe clues are designed to remind them off someone wronged terribly, and are now to pay the price.
14 Dec. 1977
Merry Christmas Waldo
In this remake of a "Police Story" episode from that show's first season (but with a different outcome), an old pensioner celebrates the Christmas season by robbing banks through trickery, usually donning a Santa suit and passing a note claiming he has an armed partner (or, in one case, getting a sidewalk Santa to stand by while he robs the bank in civilian clothes). The old man lives very quietly, except that he's a forceful advocate for the elderly. Pepper and Crowley begin to suspect that he's not pulling the robberies for himself, but to benefit other old people.
21 Dec. 1977
Death Game
It's hot and the air keeps going out in the police station. A street kid threatens Pepper while she drags him into a prison cell, making her wonder why the guys seem to take their rage out on women, if there's one around. Then, frustrated that their latest drug bust (Nehemiah Persoff) has already made bail before they can finish their drinks at Vinnie's, Pepper leaves the bar and almost gets run over on purpose in the parking lot, but, being a good cop, she just goes home and doesn't tell anybody about it until later. When she finally does, Bill is pissed, and they ...
28 Dec. 1977
An icy lawyer and his lackey, a music producer, both of whom are shaking down criminal suspects for money to buy off the charges against them, see the chance to pin their crimes on a young cop who's too eager to bust suspects and rise in the ranks.
4 Jan. 1978
Blind Terror
Sandra Dee is a blind mom in the desert whom Pepper is protecting. But, being the desert, Angie's also got big dark sunglasses, so when the mob shows up to grab Sandy while she's inside, they mistake one for the other, chasing Pepper into the yucca, baby in tow.
11 Jan. 1978
Pepper resents her assignment to protect an unscrupulous former classmate who is now a political candidate.
18 Jan. 1978
While investigating into the death of a race car driver, Crowley seeks a reconciliation with his dying ex-wife.
25 Jan. 1978
The Young and the Fair
Pepper goes undercover as a college student to investigate a professor who may be involved with a white slavery ring.
1 Feb. 1978
The Human Rights of Tiki Kim
The Korean mob (led by Philip Ahn in his last role) tries to put muscle on Koreatown by extortion and murder. An immigrant organizes a neighborhood association to fight them, so the gang targets the honest man's cute 8-year-old niece for kidnapping, with the price for her safe return being that he remain silent. They then arrange for her to be "adopted" and sent back to Korea by a native family they've hired, using their Washington connections to threaten the man with arrest for violating immigration laws if he, Pepper or a friendly journalist interfere. The title ...
8 Feb. 1978
Sixth Sense
Stopped at a traffic light while driving to work, Crowley notices the driver of the next car is unusually nervous and sweaty, and apparently has "made" Crowley as a cop. Crowley shows his badge and orders the driver to pull over, which he does. After questioning the man, Crowley forces his car trunk -- and finds a woman inside, unconscious from multiple stab wounds. The driver flees on foot, but Crowley tackles him. But Crowley had no legal justification to search the car, as a furious police captain reminds him, and the man -- who was the assailant -- is released ...
15 Feb. 1978
Rookie cop Lance Johnson is new on the beat in one of the most dangerous areas in town. He makes it a rule to become acquainted with folks there, being real friendly and helpful. One night he is lured into a trap by a local motorbike gang and severely beaten. While he is fighting for his life in hospital, Sergeants Crowley and Anderson are trying to investigate but end up facing a wall of silence. When the owner of a local café finally breaks his silence, his son is stabbed to death. Still, the wealthy parents of the neighborhood protect their sons and treat the owner...
22 Feb. 1978
Murder with Pretty People
A war is raging in the world of the rich and beautiful, a war between the model agencies of John Paul and his rival, former star model Liz Adams. When Liz is killed one night, Pepper Anderson goes undercover to pose as a model (see photographer (played by...Allan Carr dressed in bedsheets). Soon, she finds out there 's more than one person who had reason to want to see Liz Adams dead. When Pepper finally crosses paths with the killer, things are getting real ugly.
1 Mar. 1978
Battered Teachers
They call themselves the "Death Squad" and they make their fellow students at Southern High go through hell. Extortion, beatings, rape - a bunch of rich kids think they have the power, and an equally power-hungry headmaster keeps eyes and ears closed. When a teacher is severely beaten and ends up in hospital, Crowley and Anderson move in. Crowley takes over as a teacher while Pepper goes undercover at the school clinic. Soon, the gang terrorizes another teacher, Karen Vaugn. But this time they go too far - when Karen is abducted, beaten and raped, her husband goes on ...
8 Mar. 1978
A Shadow on the Sea
Pepper, a waterfront cop and an old sea dog go after two boat hijackers who murdered a honeymooning couple and seem willing to steal and kill more to set up a smuggling operation.
15 Mar. 1978
Sweet Kathleen
A sweet smile, a charming face, an enchanting voice, a helpful and friendly employee - Kathleen is all that. She's also an ex con woman who happens to work as executive secretary for the investment company of Mr. Saunders. When she one day calls Sergeant Crowley's CC unit and advices them that her office is about be be robbed, Crowley is faced with one of the most baffling cases of his career. Soon, he finds himself in the middle of a dangerous cat-and-mouse game - and at the wrong end of a gun...
23 Mar. 1978
Flip of a Coin
When the department decides to cut one of the investigator positions of Sergeant Crowley's CC Unit, Joe Styles ends up being transferred to another section where he is assigned night shift duty. While he is becoming more and more depressed, his wife Harriet battles with the threat of breast cancer. While Pepper is trying to get Harriet through the predicament of hospital checkup procedures, young and wealthy Joslyn Westmore is being kidnapped and held for ransom. Her husband, board chairman of a large company, is desperate. When Sergeant Crowley decides to get Joe ...
29 Mar. 1978
Good Old Uncle Ben
Pepper meets up with her childhood mentor, now an elderly cattle rancher. The rancher, facing mounting expenses due to the illness of his wife, has linked up with a beef company that steals cows. But the rancher becomes disgusted with the operation when it murders two subordinates and when a young-punk assistant rustler, in business on his own, draws down on him in an argument. The rancher decides to break the gang on his own.

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