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Season 9

18 Dec. 1987
Skeleton in the Cupboard
Robert Smythe, a wealthy businessman, hears from a young woman called Jane Fisher that she is looking for a member of the MG club who got married twenty years earlier and lives in the town of Elmston, both of which apply to him. However, twenty years earlier he was involved in a hit and run when, driving his MG, he knocked over a little girl and kept driving without stopping. He is fearful of exposure and must keep the fact from his wife. At all costs. . .
8 Jan. 1988
The Colonel's Lady
Colonel George Peregrine's comfortable life is disturbed when his wife writes a bestselling raunchy novel. When he finally reads it, he becomes convinced that she has been having an affair.
15 Jan. 1988
The Surgeon
Wealthy Prince Zawi gives surgeon Robert Sandy a diamond for saving his life. The diamond is extremely valuable and, as a precaution against it being stolen, Robert hides it in a very safe place indeed. However, whilst he and his wife are out, the house is robbed and the diamond is stolen. Next day a colleague of Robert's is operating on a woman who has swallowed something unusual - Robert's diamond. So how did it get inside her?
22 Jan. 1988
The Verger
Albert Dobson is a very good verger who has served the church for years. But when the modernising new vicar discovers Albert cannot read or write, he soon leaves him no choice but to resign. Albert and his wife Milly face an impoverished unwanted retirement, until chance gives Albert the idea of opening a quality tea shop. But can they make a go of such a shop in a modern world that seems to have little patience for their old-fashioned approach?
29 Jan. 1988
The Facts of Life
Young Nicholas Lillie has led a sheltered rural existence, but when he does well in the county fencing competition he is selected to play in the championships in London, much against the wishes of his narrow-minded father. Along with his fencing teacher and headmaster he goes to the big city but loses the contest to champion James Barron-Irvine, who admires his performance and takes him for a night on the town. Here he meets the lovely Zoe, who sees him as little more than a country innocent and ripe pickings. But he is not...
15 Apr. 1988
Wink Three Times
Ten years previously the rich but gauche Babs Colport was persuaded by her friend Holly to hire and meet gigolo Dominic in a hotel bedroom. At the same time the equally bashful provincial solicitor Jeremy Tyler came to the hotel and was set up by Giles, an old school mate. A series of musical beds followed but with a happy outcome as, ten years later, a married couple return to the location where they first met.
22 Apr. 1988
The Dead Don't Steal
Married Ken Johnson runs a charter plane service with his lover and air stewardess Lilian, who indulges in a little smuggling on his behalf. Then disaster strikes for him, as his wife discovers the affair and Lilian says she is leaving him for another man and the smuggling will end. In a rage he kills her and disposes of the body. But to his astonishment she appears to come back from the dead and ensures that justice catches up with him.
29 Apr. 1988
The Finger of Suspicion
American Stephen Baker has cracked open many a safe in his time but he now lives a peaceful existence with his Arab wife Soroya in her native country. The local police come to the house and arrest him for a crime he swears he did not do and take him to meet two Scotland Yard detectives with a view to his extradition. Soroya has to think fast to come up with a plan to convince the police that her husband is innocent.
6 May 1988
A Time to Die
Yves Drouard is a wealthy man but his marriage has gone stale. His wife Marthe has been unable to have children and she, like him, is being unfaithful. Yves' mistress Violette is younger and has just announced that she is pregnant. Yves decides he will kill his wife by rigging up an explosive device which will go off if she tries to leave the building. But then he changes his mind. . .fatally.
13 May 1988
Mr. Know-All
Elly Somerton is working for the summer as a hotel receptionist. She is intrigued by Max Kelada, a roguish archeology professor who is disarmingly honest with her about the tricks he uses to get women into bed. But when a rival of Kelada attempts to humiliate him, it turns out that Mr Know-All may not he the heartless seducer he professes to be.

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