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  • James Bond investigates the hijacking of British and Russian submarines carrying nuclear warheads, with the help of a K.G.B. agent whose lover he killed.

  • James Bond is back again and his new mission is to find out how a Royal Navy Polaris submarine holding sixteen nuclear warheads simply disappeared while on patrol. Bond joins Major Anya Amasova and takes on a a web-handed mastermind, known as Karl Stromberg, as well as his henchman Jaws, who has a mouthful of metal teeth. Bond must track down the location of the missing submarine before the warheads are fired.

  • When a Russian and British nuclear submarine vanish with out a trace. The KGB sends their best agent, major Amasova and the British send James Bond to investigate. They both clash with each other. And When they get a suspect, an industrialist named Stromberg they work together.

  • A shipping magnate, Karl Stromberg, has employed two brilliant scientists to develop a submarine tracking system. Once it is finished, he assures them of multimillion-dollar payouts to their Swiss bank accounts, but not before ruthlessly murdering his young assistant by dumping her into a tank inhabited by a man-eating tiger shark. Shortly afterward, British and Soviet submarines vanish while on routine moves, and Bond is called into action. Also called to duty is his Soviet counterpart, Major Anya Amasova. Though they are initially working against each other, the British Secret Service and K.G.B. begin to work together to find the microfilm that contains the tracking system. Bond and Anya must deal with Stromberg's goons, who have been ordered to eliminate anyone who comes into contact with the microfilm. One of these is Jaws, a seven-foot towering Goliath with metal teeth. When a U.S. submarine is also hijacked, Bond and Anya must move quickly to avert World War III, which Stromberg is hoping to start.

  • The British and Russians are amazed when a submarine from each country disappears, and the only link is a microfilm detailing the movements of the British submarine meaning that somehow a submarine can be tracked via it's "wake". The British sends Agent James Bond and the Russians send Major Anya Amasova, otherwise known as "Triple-X". After first fighting against each other over the microfilm, the two agents are ordered to work together against the real enemy, mad shipping billionaire Carl Stromberg who plans to use the submarines to destroy the world via nuclear missiles so that any survivors are forced to live in Stromberg's dream world beneath the sea. However, James must also defend himself against Anya as she finds out that James had killed her lover on a previous mission.

  • When a massive underwater craft abducts U.S. and Russian submarines, global tensions are heightened to the brink of war. In order to find the true culprit, James Bond joins forces with beautiful Russian Secret Agent Anya Amasaova. Together they follow a trail that leads to Karl Stromberg, a powerful shipping magnate who is implementing a horrific scheme for world domination. Bond struggles to foil the plot, but Stromberg has provided him with the most lethal adversary: Jaws, a seemingly indestructible steel-toothed giant. Agent 007's adventure takes him to the Egyptian pyramids, under the sea, and to a mountaintop ski chase that builds to one of the most amazing stunts ever filmed.


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  • The pre-title teaser shows three different events: first, a British nuclear submarine experiences a serious disruption of power. The captain looks through the periscope and sees something foreboding, however we do not see what he does.

    In Moscow, Colonel Gogol hears from M that the British sub has disappeared. Gogol becomes concerned, especially since his own government has lost contact with one of its own nuclear subs a few days earlier. He promises the aid of his government and calls his best agent, "XXX" to investigate. In a bedroom, a man lying with his lover gets out of bed when a message comes through on a small communicator. The woman answers, revealing that she is XXX.

    In Austria, James Bond is enjoying a romantic encounter in a remote cabin in the Alps when he's called back to duty by M. He dons his ski gear and leaves, his lover says she needs him to which James replies, "So does England!" Moments after he leaves, his lover sends a message through a walkie-talkie telling her fellow agent "He has just left." As James skis away from the cabin, he's pursued by a group of four Russian agents. James is able to evade his attackers and, using a ski pole that doubles as a type of rocket gun, kills one of them, a man whom is the group leader (and who happens to be XXX's lover). Bond approaches a sheer cliff and skis over it, free falling several thousand feet until he opens a parachute decorated with the British Union Jack, escaping his attackers.

    Major Anya Amasova, aka, XXX, reports to Gogol in Moscow where she's given her new assignment - the search for the missing submarines. Gogol also informs her that her lover was killed in an operation in Austria. Amasova is visibly shaken but says she'll dedicate herself to the mission at hand.

    Meanwhile, Bond meets with M at a British naval yard where the mission path for the lost submarine is studied: Bond shows M, the Minister of Defense Sir Frederick Grey, and two Royal Navy commanders a transparency that matches the sub's route, proving it had somehow been compromised. M orders Bond to Cairo on his first lead.

    In the Mediterranean Sea, two scientists, Beckman and Marcowitz, who have developed a sophisticated submarine tracking device, meet with Carl Stromberg, a rich and powerful businessman who lives in a specially designed city, Atlantis, that can both float and submerge beneath the water's surface. He thanks the two scientists for their invention, but before he allows them to leave, he deals with his secretary, who has stolen information from him; she enters his elevator and Stromberg opens the window panel to reveal a large shark pool, then opens the elevator floor, dropping her into the large pool where a tiger shark eats her alive. As Beckman and Marcowitz leave by helicopter, Stromberg activates a bomb that destroys it and kills them, both tying up a loose end in his plan and to avoid having to pay them. Stromberg then meets with two hired assassins, the fat Hungarian agent Sandor and the seven-foot tall, silent Jaws, so named because he has steel teeth. Stromberg instructs them to go to Egypt and find the stolen submarine tracking system blueprints and to kill anyone who comes into contact with the plans.

    Bond arrives in Egypt, meeting with a old contact who tells him to find a man named Fekkesh, a local businessman whom is seeking to buy the submarine tracking system and who can point him toward another man, Max Kalba, who has the tracking system's microfilm. Bond goes to the man's house where a woman tells him Fekkesh isn't home and refuses to reveal his location. As Bond kisses her, Sandor tries to shoot him. Bond uses the woman as a shield and chases after Sandor, fighting with him and dangling him over the edge of the house's roof. He forces the assassin to reveal Fekkesh's location and then lets him fall off the building, killing him.

    Bond goes to Giza to meet Fekkesh at the pyramids where he sees XXX has already found the man. While the pyramid light show goes on, Fekkesh notices Jaws standing to the side. He quickly leaves to escape, Jaws in pursuit, Bond following closely. Jaws corners the man and kills him with a bite to his neck. Jaws also escapes from Bond.

    Continuing his investigation, Bond meets with Max Kalba at his nightclub in Cairo. Amasova also meets him there and the two speak with Kalba to obtain the microfilm. Kalba prepares to negotiate a price with the two government's agents when he's called away to the phone. Jaws (disguised as a maintenance man) kills him in the phone booth after obtaining the microfilm. Bond and Amasova stow away in Jaws' van and he drives out to a site of ruins in the desert... aware that they are in the back of his van.

    In the morning, the two agents stalk Jaws through a series of Egyptian ruins, finally cornering him and obtaining the microfilm. Bond and Amasova escape in Jaws' vehicle and make it to a boat on the Nile. Bond secretly examines the microfilm on board and the two settle down for the journey. Suddenly, Amasova renders Bond unconscious with a gas from a fake cigarette and takes the microfilm.

    Bond recovers the next morning and reports to another site of ruins where he finds Amasova, Gogol and M waiting. Though Amasova believes she'd outwitted Bond, he reveals that he'd already studied the film without her knowledge. With the assistance of Q, they examine the microfilm, which is worthless, a conclusion that Bond came to when examining it on the boat. However, they do find evidence of a symbol hidden in it that identifies Carl Stromberg. Their superiors order Bond and Amasova to investigate on the island of Sardinia, where Stromberg lives. The two travel there by train (in a scene that recalls the train ride in "From Russia With Love"). They are attacked by Jaws, however, Bond is able to fight him off and expel him from the train. Jaws easily recovers from the fall, dusting himself off and looking mildly frustrated.

    Upon arriving in Sardinia, Bond and Anya meet Major Geoffrey "Q" Boothroyd, who has brought Bond's car, a Lotus Esprit, and as usual is irked at James' less than stellar record of returning Q's devices intact. The two meet with Stromberg's secretary and assistant, Naomi, who takes them out to Atlantis. Bond poses as a marine biologist and meets with Stromberg, who tells the undercover Bond of his love of the sea and how an underwater city (like the model he has in his private chamber) may be the only hope for the future of humanity. As they leave, Naomi is telling Anya about Stromberg's largest ship, a one-million ton supertanker named the Liparus. After seeing a small model of the tanker, Bond privately remarks that the design of her bow is unusual. After Bond and Anya leave Atlantis, Jaws comes out of a hidden room and confirms to Stromberg that Bond and Amasova are the spies that he encountered in Egypt. Stromberg instructs Jaws to wait until Bond and Amasova get ashore and to kill them both.

    As they speed away in Bond's Lotus, they are attacked by Stromberg's men, first by a motorbike assassin who attempts to destroy the car with a rocket warhead disguised as a sidecar. When that plan fails and the cyclist is killed, Jaws and a carload of assassins attempt to shoot at Bond who is able to throw off their pursuit using the car's defenses. They are also attacked by Naomi in a helicopter, firing on them in a strafing run. As the chase continues, Bond drives off the end of a pier and converts his car to a small submarine. He uses a small missile to destroy Naomi's helicopter, killing her.

    In the submerged car/submarine, Bond and Amasova proceed to Atlantis, now submerged. Unable to find anything conclusive from outside, they prepare to leave and are attacked by several frogmen and mini-subs. Bond destroys them all with the Lotus' defenses, which Anya suddenly remembers, having stolen the plans for the car in another mission; however, they are forced to surface on a beach when the Lotus is damaged by an underwater mine and begins to leak.

    Back at their hotel, the two plan their next move. Bond sends a message to M in London, inquiring about the supertanker Liparus. A short while later, a telex reply comes back explaining that in the past nine months since the Liparus was launched, there is no record of the ship making port anywhere in the world. Bond and Anya suspect that something is up and decide to find the tanker to get a closer look at it. When Bond lights one of Anya's cigarettes, she notices that the lighter he uses is from the city near where her lover was killed. She confronts Bond on the issue, to which Bond replies that he'd acted in self-defense when he killed the man. Anya vows revenge as soon as their current mission is over, if they're still alive.

    The two spies next find themselves on an American submarine, the USS Wayne, monitoring the Liparus. While surveying it, the sub is rendered inoperable and is swallowed by the Liparus; the bow of the tanker opens, revealing a large submarine dock inside, containing the captured British and Russian subs. The crew are forced out of the sub and taken prisoner by the heavily armed crewmen. Bond and Anya are identified almost immediately and are also taken prisoner. On the bridge of the Liparus, Stromberg explains his plans to use the nuclear missiles aboard both the captured British and Russian subs to ignite a nuclear war between the superpowers. The resulting nuclear holocaust will destroy the surface world, leaving Stromberg the opportunity to rule an underwater kingdom.

    Stromberg departs for Atlantis with Anya as his personal captive, leaving his crew to begin the assault as crews board the British and Russian subs and depart to their launching stations in the Atlantic Ocean. Afterward, the Liparus' captain orders Bond to be put with the rest of the prisoners. Bond escapes before he can be imprisoned and frees the British, Russian and American sailors. The combined sub crews lead an all-out assault on the Liparus' crew, taking the dock areas and most of the ship despite taking heavy casualties, including the British sub captain. Unable to break into the heavily-fortified bridge control room, Bond uses a nuclear warhead detonator (enduring a few anxious moments removing it from the missile) to blow a hole in the armored wall of the control room, and the crews kill the rest of the Liparus crew.

    With the two Stromberg-controlled submarines at their launch stations in the Atlantic, Bond has the American sub captain, Captain Carter (Shane Rimmer), use the tracking system computer on the Liparus to transfer the coordinates of each submarine missiles to the other as their targets. The ruse works, causing the two submarines to destroy each other with each other's missiles. On board the American sub, Captain Carter, now commanding a polyglot crew, orders torpedoes to be fired at the bow doors, allowing them to escape the Liparus. The large tanker explodes and sinks.

    They set course for Atlantis with orders to destroy it. Bond argues with Captain Carter that Anya is still on Atlantis and must be rescued first. He is given a wetbike (an early Jet-Ski) and arrives at Atlantis ahead of the sub. Bond takes the elevator to Stromberg's level, avoiding the trap door in the elevator floor. Bond finds Stromberg in his massive dining room. Stromberg attempts to kill Bond with a harpoon gun located under the dining table but misses. Bond returns fire, hitting the villain several times in the chest, killing him.

    Still searching for Anya, he encounters Jaws and outwits him, using an electromagnetic crane to seize his metal teeth and dropping him into the shark tank. The shark is no match for its namesake; Jaws quickly bites and kills it.

    Bond finds Anya tied up in a torture room, just as the American submarine begins its attack, torpedoing Atlantis. The city begins to sink into the ocean, slowly filling with water. Bond and Anya escape from Atlantis in a pod that surfaces. (Jaws himself is also seen escaping the stricken Atlantis and swims off to eventual rescue). In the pod, as Bond relaxes, Anya takes his gun, seemingly intent on killing him. But she changes her mind and shoots off a cork on a champagne bottle, having forgiven Bond in which she professes her love for him.

    A little later, the escape pod is found by a British vessel which captures it. M, Minister of Defense Gray and General Gogol find the two semi-nude agents in the midst of a romantic encounter inside.

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