Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) Poster

Leonard Nimoy: Dr. David Kibner



  • Dr. David Kibner : We came here from a dying world. We drift through the universe, from planet to planet, pushed on by the solar winds. We adapt and we survive. The function of life is survival.

  • Matthew Bennell : [Elizabeth and Matthew are captured by snathcers in the Health Department office. Kibner gives them sedatives, so that they can be snatched while asleep]  Listen, we're not the last humans left. There are people who will fight you. They will find out what you're doing here.

    Elizabeth Driscoll : They'll stop you.

    Dr. David Kibner : In an hour... you won't want them to. In an hour, you'll be one of us.

  • Dr. David Kibner : Face it, Bellicec, you got some friends who enjoy playing practical jokes.

    Jack Bellicec : I don't have any friends, Dr. Kibner.

    Dr. David Kibner : Then, some enemies.

  • Dr. David Kibner : Elizabeth, could you please tell me, in your opinion, what is going on?

    Elizabeth Driscoll : People are being duplicated. And once it happens to you, you're part of this... thing. It almost happened to me!

  • Elizabeth Driscoll : I hate you.

    Dr. David Kibner : There's no need for hate now. Or love.

  • Dr. David Kibner : It's like there's some kind of a hallucinatory flu going around. People seem to get over it in a day or two. All I can do is treat the symptoms.

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