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8 Jan. 1982
Once in a Blue Moon
Clayton is assaulted and claims that it was by someone from outer space. Clayton tells Benson he has to improve the security at the governor's mansion.
15 Jan. 1982
Kraus Falls in Love
Kraus is acting suspiciously happy and everyone wonders why. Kraus has fallen in love with a man who turns out not to be quite honest.
22 Jan. 1982
Stocks & Options
Everyone learns a hard lesson when they realize that even a "sure fire hit" in the stock market is not always a sure thing.
5 Feb. 1982
Kraus's Deadly Mistake
Benson takes Kraus to a doctor's appointment for a checkup. The doctor tells Benson about his race horse that is sick and dying. Kraus overhears part of the conversation and thinks the doctor is saying she has only months to live.
12 Feb. 1982
Wild Irish Rose
The former Governor Mulligan visits and brings his daughter. Clayton is attracted to the daughter.
19 Feb. 1982
Street Gangs
Kraus decides to write a story about her life. Benson tries to find jobs for some boys in a poor section of town to help them stay out of gangs.
26 Feb. 1982
Katie's Romance
The governor gets an image makeover. Katie develops a crush on Pete.
5 Mar. 1982
Clayton's Condo
Benson is elected president of his condo's tenant association committee. He has to ask the landlord to make repairs to the apartments. Benson finds out Clayton is the owner of the building and his landlord.
12 Mar. 1982
Getting Even
No one on the governor's staff likes Mr McFadden who has dealings with the staff. He blackmails Denise into going on a date with him. After a disastrous date, Benson and the others plan an elaborate trick on Mr McFadden.
19 Mar. 1982
Pete the Hero
Pete borrows Benson's car and foils a robbery when he crashes it into the robbers get away car. Benson's car's been totaled. Now the insurance company won't pay for a new car because Pete was driving it and the insurance company decides to cancel Benson's insurance because of his negative profile.
26 Mar. 1982
In the Red
Benson's being audited by the IRS. The IRS agent handling him disallows most of the exemptions puts on his form because Benson lost his records.
2 Apr. 1982
Teed Off
The Governor and his team mates attend a charity golf event. It turns into a big competition between the men.
30 Apr. 1982
The Party's Over
The Governor has competition in getting on the ticket for reelection.
7 May 1982
The Lumber Mill
The political party is not supporting the governor for another term on the election ticket. The governor and his staff take a vacation to a cabin to work out a strategic plan.
14 May 1982
Black Tuesday
The governor decides to run for reelection as an independent party on the election ticket. He gets a mortgage on his mill in order to support his campaign. It does not go well.
22 Oct. 1982
Death in a Funny Position
The Governor is invited by a businessman to join him on his yacht. So he brings the whole staff. They discover that he has invited some other people. When they're out to sea, the host is killed. So until they make it back, they're all wondering who could have done it. Until that is they learn that everyone on the man's guestlist has a grudge against him.
22 Oct. 1982
Death in a Funny Position
After the owner of the yacht is killed on board, the Governor and all the guests start being suspicious of each other as the likely killer. Benson begins talking to people and finds out what really happened.
29 Oct. 1982
What a Revoltin' Development
Benson and Pete are taken hostages by revolutionaries in Latin America when they were supposed to be at a conference.
5 Nov. 1982
Thy Brother's Keeper
Benson's brother an orthodontist comes for a visit. And he can't help but act like a snob. Eventually some long pent up resentment comes out and the brothers have a fight that threatens their relationship.
12 Nov. 1982
Quest for Retire
The state has a mandatory retirement age, and the gardener for the governor's mansion is now being told he has to retire. He does not want to retire, so he asks Benson to help him keep his job.
19 Nov. 1982
Teacher's Pest
Benson asks Kraus for her household expenditures so he can work on the governor's budget plan. He learns she does not know how to keep a ledger to track expenses. She has to take an economics class to continue her job. Benson is the teacher
26 Nov. 1982
Benson's Army Reunion
Benson's army buddies get together for a reunion. Also attending is one of their POW's who had become a friend, even if the enemy. When they find out the POW is now a wealthy business man, Scotty finds it hard to accept him as a friend.
3 Dec. 1982
Benson's New Home
Benson buys a condo apartment based on the model. When he moves in, Benson finds there is no electricity, the doors are not all attached, the stove does not work, and more problems. He moves into the demo home until all repairs are done.
10 Dec. 1982
Crimes of the Hearth
Benson returns from home from a dinner out and finds he has been burglarized. When he reports it to the police, he is enraged that the police do not want to investigate the crime.
17 Dec. 1982
Mary and Her Lambs
The governor's home prepares for the Christmas holiday. As Benson talks to friends, he finds a cook is struggling to keep her foster children.
31 Dec. 1982
Pen Pal
Kraus is nervous when she learns her prison pen-pal is released from prison. She is even more nervous when he reminds her that she promised to help him get a job.

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