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  • Technically, yes, Doo's actions would be considered rape, but this particular portion of the film took place in an era where this sort of behavior, though frowned upon today, happened quite often. Loretta was not only a young teenager but this was also her first time away from home and her family and this was probably very confusing and frightening. She screamed 'no!' numerous times, but in that day and age, nobody really would have intervened. Edit

  • Yes. Loretta Lynn is a real country/folk rock singer and is still rather popular today. This film is based on her personal memoirs. Edit

  • Probably, because at the time this film takes place, station managers were sticklers for proper language and a filtering out of slurs, euphemisms and sexual/profane phrases. Edit

  • No, she wasn't. Although a very naive girl from a small coal mining community, she knew how to read, write, do math, and every other skill most people have. This film is fairly accurate, but is still only a dramatization and should be taken with a grain of salt. Edit

  • Yes, Patsy was a real person, actually a very famous country/folk singer who performed alongside Loretta on several occasions and was a dear friend of hers. Patsy was really killed in a deadly airplane crash, and her life was also, like Loretta's, adapted into a memoir film. Edit

  • Loretta still performs occasionally but is older and isn't as involved in music as she used to be. She still has a large following of fans and is also an author of over two memoir novels. Edit



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