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Season 1

26 Sep. 1983
Pilot: Part 1
Lt. Simon Adams and his squadron have an exercise in Cuba, where Simon has to save his live by using the ejection seat. The two man are rescued by a chopper, and brought to Washington. On a party, Hilary Adams (Simons's stepsister) sneaks out to meet her lover Jeremy Novak. She doesn't want to be his wife, 'cause she wants to marry Glenn Matthews. Harlan Adams wants Jack Warren for his own Company, but Jack doesn't want it. At the 'fly-in' Maggie Farrell introduces herself to Adm. Mallory. On the parking-place Jeremy confronts Hilary who is in Glenn's company. She ...
26 Sep. 1983
Pilot: Part 2
Celia threatens to get an abortion unless Jack ends his military career. Simon drives Celia home, and her attraction to him is reciprocated. Maggie arranges to have Glenn released into Tom's custody while Glenn awaits his court marital. Hilary is mortified to learn that she was seen talking to Jeremy prior to the murder and now must testify at Glenn's trial. Maggie enlists Tom's assistance in locating her husband Martin, who went missing in action in Vietnam over a decade ago.
3 Oct. 1983
Episode #1.3
Tom and Simon begin work with Yuri Bukharin, a Russian admiral. Later, Tom learns that Celia is expecting his grandchild. Harlan wants Celia to continue to press Jack for his military resignation. Glenn's reticence to discuss Jeremy's murder frustrates Jack. Kay visits Glenn, and Hilary notices the sexual chemistry between them. Kay suspects that Hilary was having an affair with Jeremy, and Hillary volleys this suspicion with an accusation of her own: Kay's in love with Glenn.
17 Oct. 1983
Episode #1.4
Jack fears Glenn's defense will be futile unless they can produce a witness to cast reasonable doubt. Hilary fails to cheer a sullen Glenn with talk of their wedding. Tom hosts a reception for the Russians and becomes closer to Maggie, who rebuffs Harlan's advances. The surprise arrival of Tom's sister-in-law Deanna brings news of her impending divorce and attracts Harlan's lecherous attention. Leslie and Russian diplomat Alexi Gorichenko get to one another while jogging. Celia collapses after a drinking binge. Jack follows a lead on a witness who might verify ...
24 Oct. 1983
Episode #1.5
Jack learns of Celia's collapse, but by the time he joins her at the hospital, she has already miscarried their baby. Hilary attempts to evade court with the excuse that she and Jeremy were just casual acquaintances, but prosecuting attorney Lt. Edwards forces her to testify. Harlan barters the land Tom needs for his new runway in exchange for sparing Hilary's testimony, but Tom rejects him. Hilary exploits Kay's devotion to Glenn by convincing her that she can save him with the lie that she and Jeremy were lovers, thus eliminating a motive for Glenn to have committed...
31 Oct. 1983
Episode #1.6
Tom encourages an upset Celia to not make any rash decisions about her marriage. Kay is ready to commit perjury to save Glenn, but she later recants the lie that she and Jeremy were lovers. A furious Hilary informs Kay that they're no longer friends. Simon comforts Celia after she goes on another lonely drinking binge. Glenn ends his engagement to Hilary.
7 Nov. 1983
Episode #1.7
The stunning conclusion to Glenn's trial results in his dismissal from the military, and he vows to unmask the real killer. Maggie meets Willie Shell. Deanna suspects that Harlan is still interested in pursuing Maggie. Tom cautions Shell against causing Maggie further pain over Martin's disappearance. Maggie's son Scott meets Yuri and fears he's the reason Martin didn't come back. Tom warns Leslie against getting too close to Alexi.
14 Nov. 1983
Episode #1.8
Hilary finds herself in a blackmail scheme when Rick Logan reveals he's in possession of a videotape that proves she was having a sexual fling with Jeremy Novak. Harlan hires a discharged Glenn as his new test pilot. Simon can't hide his hostility for Alexi. Celia ignores Tom's advice and decides to instigate divorce proceedings against Jack.
21 Nov. 1983
Episode #1.9
Deanna makes a deal with Hilary: she'll help her get off the hook with Rick's blackmail, if Hilary helps her get Harlan on the hook for marriage. With Hilary out of the way, Glenn proposes to Kay, but she fears that Hilary might find a way to lure him back. Alexi's attachment to Leslie threatens his American mission, so he requests a transfer from Yuri. Yuri counters Alexi's request with the suggestion that he exploit Leslie's feelings for him to achieve Tom's trust. A drunken Celia crashes her car and vanishes. The Mallory family is frantic about Celia's safety, ...
5 Dec. 1983
Episode #1.10
After Celia returns from spending the night with Simon, Jack accepts the finality of their marriage. Tom discovers that Yuri is a KGB agent who's working with an unknown American operative. Glenn is promoted to Harlan's executive assistant after suggesting a method to improve weapons manufacturing by Adams Industries. Meanwhile, top brass earmarks Tom to manage a covert radar system being developed for the navy by Adams. Hilary's warning to Kay about Glenn backfires when Kay impulsively accepts Glenn's proposal and they marry. Tom breaks the news to Maggie that her ...
12 Dec. 1983
Episode #1.11
Tom consoles Maggie, as Martin Farrell is finally laid to rest. Celia, who has moved into a beach house, receives a visit from Jack. He confides in her that he's leaving the military but is secretly working with Tom on the classified radar project. After learning of Glenn and Kay's marriage, Hilary stows away on his plane as he's leaving for a corporate trip to Caribbean. While in flight, a mechanical problem sends Glenn and Hilary into a crash landing.
19 Dec. 1983
The Rescue
Awaiting word on a missing Hilary, Deanna tells Harlan about Rick Logan's blackmail and arranges a meeting to get the incriminating videotape, but Yuri murders Logan. David Marquette, the son of Tom's old buddy Jim, comes to Emerald Point and meets Maggie. Simon searches for Glenn and Hilary, who have survived the crash and are awaiting rescue on a deserted island. Deanna, who is Yuri's American operative, fears she's gotten in too deep with espionage.
2 Jan. 1984
Hide and Seek
A rescued Hilary is furious when she returns to find Deanna living in the family home and learns that she tattled about Rick Logan's blackmail. Meanwhile, Glenn and Kay are at odds over her meddling to help him get a new trial. A security leak results in a crackdown by naval intelligence, which worries Yuri and Deanna. Leslie and Alexi can no longer suppress their feelings. Upcoming naval maneuvers for Simon has Ceila feeling uneasy.
9 Jan. 1984
The Assignment
Celia's worst fears are realized when Simon has a flame out during air maneuvers, and it leads to the tragic death of his flying partner Phil Baines. Alexi and Leslie are devastated when he receives orders to discontinue his diplomatic mission and return to Russia. Fearing for her life, Deanna agrees to seduce an Adams Industries engineer as part of her espionage.
16 Jan. 1984
Glenn's promotion to Harlan's vice president at Adams Industries doesn't please Kay. Harlan creates more tension in their marriage by appointing Hilary as Glenn's assistant. Tom realizes that his growing relationship with Maggie is leading to something very permanent. Cindy, Phil Baines' widow, upsets an already remorseful Simon by accusing him of killing Phil. David wants to write Maggie's story. In light of Alexi's orders to go back to Moscow, Leslie and Alexi consider their options, including defection.
30 Jan. 1984
Jack provides Tom with evidence that identifies Deanna as Yuri's American operative. Simon is haunted with flashes of Phil's death. Harlan tells Hilary about his devious plans to gain complete control over Glenn. While working on the book with Maggie, David appears to have another agenda. Leslie and Alexi are ambushed, and Alexi's taken hostage.
6 Feb. 1984
Lost and Found
Deanna confesses when Tom and Jack expose her as an American traitor working with the KBG, but after she explains the very personal motivation for her decision, she's offered the chance to make amends by working as a double agent to bring down Yuri. Kay learns she's pregnant. Harlan initiates his plan to ensnare Glenn. David's prying into Maggie's relationship with Tom results in her asking him to leave her house, but he swipes her keys on the way out. Leslie confides Alexi's kidnapping to Tom, and later, she faces the same fate.
13 Feb. 1984
The Climax
Deanna commences with her role as a double agent, but Yuri kidnaps her, too. After an evening of gambling with Harlan and Hilary, Glenn goes home and receives the joyous news of Kay's pregnancy. Celia undergoes therapy to help her overcome her fear of Simon's safety. David uses Maggie's key to enter her house. The FBI captures Yuri fleeing the country and rescues Deanna. As KGB agent Dimitri holds them at gunpoint, Alexi and Leslie attempt an escape, but during a scuffle for possession of the gun, all three are shot.
27 Feb. 1984
The Best Laid Plans
Kay receives stunning news from the doctor but decides not to share it with Glenn. Tom proposes marriage to Maggie, and she accepts, but David is less than thrilled. Harlan and Tom square off over acreage that each wants for different reasons. Glenn's gambling addiction grows as he plays the ponies at the racetrack. Celia distrusts David, and later during therapy, she has a childhood memory of her mother's rape by an unseen attacker.
2 Mar. 1984
Friends and Lovers
Tom discovers that David was a friend of Maggie's late husband Martin. Glenn's debts mount when he buys a new house for his growing family, unaware of Kay's secret about the baby. Celia forgives Deanna, but the rest of the Mallory family is not as forgiving. While undergoing psychotherapy, Celia has a flashback to her late mother standing in a gazebo while a man approaches her from behind, but Celia cannot distinguish the attacker's face.
5 Mar. 1984
Pandora's Box
In Washington, Tom meets with David's father Jim, who admits that David's checkered past includes several stints in jail. Celia stops Scott from giving David a family heirloom, and when Tom has it analyzed, it's found to contain a valuable figurine hidden inside. Later, David trashes Maggie's house in a desperate attempt to find the figurine. Glenn's harassed by thugs coming to collect his gambling debts. Kay has an accident and must later confess the truth about the baby to Glenn. They quarrel, and Kay moves out. Celia undergoes another hypnosis session to identify ...
12 Mar. 1984
The Wedding
In the series finale, Hilary offers to help Glenn satisfy his debt, but he refuses. However, she later stops by his apartment and goads him into making love to her. Kay returns home but leaves again when she catches Glenn and Hilary in bed together. Celia witnesses two people standing in a gazebo, flashes back to her mother's rape, and faints after she suddenly recalls the shocking identity of the rapist. A deranged David kidnaps Maggie just as she's about to marry Tom and insists she marry him or else. Tom searches for Maggie and makes a devastating discovery.

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