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  • According to the patches on their uniforms both Stringfellow and St. John Hawke served in the Air Cavalry during the Vietnam War. Edit

  • -It is stated that Stringfellow and St. John Hawke needed a special waiver and permission from their commanding officer, Colonel Vidor, in order to serve in the same unit in Vietnam. This is because of a genuine military regulation dating from the Second World War forbidding family members serving in the same unit in case it affects their tactical judgement and sparing their family the possibility that they could both be killed in the same battle. In Hawke and St. John's case an exception may have been made as they were the only members of their family left. Edit

  • -Dominic Santini served in both World War 2 and the Korean War. According to his stories in World War 2 he flew P47 Thunderbolt fighters in the European theatre and also ferried bombers from the US to North Africa via South America. It was during this time he met and befriended Hawke and St. John's father and helped raise both of his sons after they were orphaned. Edit



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