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  • The film is adapted from E M Forster's Book. Ostensibly the book is about class and racial distinction with the India of the British Raj as the setting. 'East is east and west is west and ne'er the twain shall meet' is the predominant theme. Forster was a complex writer and often used characters in an allegorical way.

    Mrs Moore and Professor Godbole are the most complex characters in both film and book. Mrs Moore is a mystic like Godbole - but a western mystic.

    Adela Quested is the sharp instrument via which the culture gaps are highlighted. The depiction of her is extremely unsympathetic. Forster was a homosexual, living in his life at a time and in a country where homosexuality was illegal.

    Adela is therefore not deluded, evil, malicious nor stupid - she is the product of a mentality that was at best ambivalent to women. Edit



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