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Release Dates

USA 26 October 1984
Australia 20 December 1984
South Korea 22 December 1984
Peru 1985
USA January 1985 (Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival)
UK 11 January 1985
Italy 11 January 1985
Spain 18 January 1985
Ireland 25 January 1985
Sweden 8 February 1985
Philippines 9 February 1985 (Davao)
Denmark 15 February 1985
Finland 15 February 1985
Netherlands 21 February 1985
Switzerland 27 February 1985 (French speaking region)
Switzerland 27 February 1985 (German speaking region)
West Germany 15 March 1985
Hong Kong 22 March 1985
Brazil 25 March 1985
Norway 28 March 1985
Taiwan 29 March 1985
Colombia 10 April 1985
Argentina 18 April 1985
France 24 April 1985
Greece 24 April 1985
Peru 1 May 1985
Japan 4 May 1985
Portugal 24 May 1985
Iceland 19 June 1985
Uruguay 4 July 1985
Mexico 5 July 1985
Poland 1 March 1987
Turkey January 1988
Hungary 26 May 1988
Suriname 4 May 1989
Czechoslovakia 1 September 1990
Germany 29 August 1991 (limited) (re-release)
Romania 1992
Russia 1992
UK 16 March 2001 (limited) (re-release)
India 1 November 2010 (DVD premiere)
Canada 3 February 2012 (Digital Film Festival)
UK 4 October 2012 (Manchester)
Peru 18 June 2015 (limited) (re-release)
Chile 20 June 2015 (re-release)
Spain 9 July 2015 (re-release) (limited)
Lithuania 26 August 2017 (re-release)
Argentina 15 October 2019 (re-release)

Also Known As (AKA)

(original title) The Terminator
Argentina Terminator
Australia The Terminator
Brazil O Exterminador do Futuro
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Терминатор
Canada (French title) Terminator
Canada (English title) Terminator
Chile Terminator
Croatia (alternative title) Terminator
Croatia Terminator
Czech Republic Terminátor
Czechoslovakia (Czech title) Terminátor
Czechoslovakia (Slovak title) Terminátor
Czechoslovakia Terminátor
Denmark Terminator
Estonia Terminaator
Finland (alternative title) Terminaattori
Finland (Swedish title) Terminator - förstöraren
Finland Terminator - tuhoaja
Finland (alternative title) The Terminator
Finland (alternative title) Terminator
Finland (alternative title) The Terminator - tuhoaja
France Terminator
Germany Terminator
Greece (transliterated title) O exolothreftis
Greece Ο εξολοθρευτής
Hungary Terminátor - A halálosztó
Hungary (alternative title) A halálosztó
Hungary (alternative title) Terminátor
Iceland Tortímandinn
India (Hindi title) The Terminator
India (Bengali title) The Terminator
India (English title) The Terminator
India (Malayalam title) The Terminator
India (Tamil title) The Terminator
Iran (Persian title) Naboodgar
Ireland (English title) Terminator
Italy Terminator
Japan (English title) Terminator
Japan Tamineta
Japan (Japanese title) ターミネーター
Latvia Terminators
Lithuania Terminatorius
Mexico Terminator
Mexico (alternative title) Terminator: El exterminador
Netherlands De uitroeier
New Zealand (English title) Terminator
Norway Terminator
Peru Terminator
Peru (alternative title) El ejecutor
Peru (alternative title) El exteminador
Poland Terminator
Poland (alternative title) Elektroniczny morderca
Portugal O Exterminador Implacável
Romania Terminatorul
Russia Терминатор
Serbia Терминатор
Slovakia Terminátor
Slovenia Terminator
Soviet Union (Russian title) Терминатор
Soviet Union (Russian title) (alternative title) Киборг-убийца
Spain Terminator
Sweden (alternative title) Dödsängeln
Sweden Terminator
Taiwan 魔鬼終結者
Thailand (Thai title) Khon Lek 2029
Turkey (Turkish title) Yok edici
Ukraine Термінатор
UK The Terminator
USA (alternative title) Terminator
USA The Terminator
Uruguay Terminator
Uzbekistan Terminator
Venezuela El Exterminador
Vietnam Kẻ Hủy Diệt
West Germany Terminator
Yugoslavia (Slovenian title) Terminator
Yugoslavia (Serbian title) Terminator
Yugoslavia (Croatian title) Terminator

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