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Alternate Versions

The Ontario, Canada video release of the film was cut by approximately 4 minutes, while the BBFC removed 2 minutes and 35 seconds from the UK version.
The film was cut by the Ontario Censor Board for its video release in the province in 1986. The board made nine cuts including "establish scene, long shot of woman standing, but eliminate all scenes of slapping and whipping; establish scene of woman in bed (smoking with guard approaching), but eliminate all scenes of sexual attack including the violence; shorten scene of drugs forcibly given, establish woman rubbing woman's arm to give needle, but cut all other scenes of actual drug injects; establish scene of woman at point when she's punched, but eliminate the scenes where the glass is pushed into mouth and re-establish where woman is in distant shot on floor." The sequence where Rita stabs Michelle in the hand is also shortened.

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