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Washington Post
Despite its flaws, Quicksilver coasts by entertainingly, with some ingenious twists on the standard car chase, and even creates a new dance variation. [14 Feb 1986, p.25]
The story is so interesting, and Bacon and the other actors are so capable, that if this movie had been two hours out of their lives, I would have found it compelling. What we get, though, is 35 minutes of their lives and a lot of recycled visual cliches.
The movie is like the bikers; it's best and freest when it's just racing ahead. Whenever it stops, you ask too many questions.
As long as the characters are doing stunts or whizzing impossibly through city traffic to a strong rock beat, there's something to watch. For the rest of the time, Quicksilver is as much fun as a slow leak.
They might make a nice couple in a movie about them. But Quicksilver, a product of the music video influence, has been edited at such a rapid pace that there`s more time given over to bicycle racing and car chases than to love.
Washington Post
According to the press kit, "Producer Daniel Melnick's personal stamp on films has always been to avoid the obvious, the cliche'." Uh, Dan . . . you lost your stamp.
Miami Herald
All its freewheeling makes for a really "moving" movie, one in which the big chase scene involves, predictably, a car and a bike. But there's not much else to it. [21 Feb 1986, p.6]
QUICKSILVER isn't a movie. It's actually a series of rock videos occasionally interrupted by a slight dalliance with story progression. The premise is wholly fabricated, the style is pure MTV, and the characters are all pressed from Hollywood cliche cutters.

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