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  • Rain Girl (1990) (29 Apr 1990, Season 4, Episode 21) Kelly, a TV weather girl at $1,000-a-week, gets a $250,000 a year contract offer.. Edit

  • Katey Sagal (Peggy) had a miscarriage so they wrote it in that Al had been dreaming the whole time. Edit

  • He left the show to return to live theater on and off Broadway, which he had primarily done before television.

    David would make 4 guest appearances over the years as Steve after his leaving. They were in:

    The Egg and I (1992) - Steve returns to try and reclaim his estranged wife, unaware that she is remarried to Jefferson. At the same time, Steve is on the run from police for stealing a rare egg from a national park.

    Peggy and the Pirates (1993) - In Peggy's bedtime story to Seven, the cast act out a story about pirates. Steve returns as the villainous, Rubio the Cruel.

    Get the Dodge Out of Hell (1995) - Marcy takes Jefferson to a gas station, trying to get him to work. There, she encounters Steve, pretending to be a big-shot businessman in front of her. Later, it's revealed after they part ways that he's really a chauffeur.

    Radio Free Trumaine (1995) - Three months after his last appearance, Steve returns for the last time, here, as the Dean of Trumaine University. When two of the student radio DJ's suggest on-air that he got his job through blackmail, Steve expels them. Marcy leads a protest against him that day for his firing. Edit

  • The Bundys were allegedly named after pro wrestler King Kong Bundy. It's also likely that the Rhoades' were named after other famed 1980's wrestler, Dusty Rhodes. Edit

  • Top of the Heap (1991) (This was the only one to get its own series): This is the pilot episode of Top of the Heap (1991) and the 100th for Married with Children. In the episode, Charlie and his half-witted son Vinnie (played by a then unknown Matt LeBlanc) try to fit in at a high society fund raiser. The series would follow this same formula and lasted for only seven episodes, but managed to produce its own spin-off, Vinnie & Bobby (1992).

    Radio Free Trumaine (1995): This episode centers around two College Radio DJ's at Bud's school, Trumaine University. Steve, the new Dean, expels them after on-air claims that he blackmailed his way to the position. Marcy shows up looking for her new bank employee April (played by a pre-famous Keri Russell), a girl romantically linked to Bud and the school's tall basketball star, Nikolai. Marcy starts a protest against Steve, while April, Bud and Nikolai talk things over on the radio.

    Enemies (1996): In this Friends (1994) rip-off, a handsome deliveryman named Tom lives with his gorgeous girlfriend Shannon (played by Nicole Eggert), his half-sister Maria, and their lazy friend Jackson. Because of Tom and Shannon's rocky relationship, he asks Kelly out for the evening while delivering a package to the Bundy house. Shannon, just to make Tom jealous, asks out a handsome Millionaire named Henry (played by Alan Thicke), and the four of them end up at the local grease spoon diner in the inner city. The evening gets more X-rated when both Tom and Shannon try to outdo each other with their dates. Edit

  • The simple answer that was always given was, because he was married to her. They did have sex multiple times during the course of the series, however. Edit

  • Shane Sweet's character was disliked during his brief appearance in Season 7 so he was written out and his last appearance is actually in the Season 8 episode entitled "Ride Scare" where an image of Seven appears on a milk carton with the "Missing" sign above it, pointing at the fact that the character went missing; it is likely that the Bundys lost him or he just plain ran away. Edit



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