A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989) Poster

Erika Anderson: Greta



  • Greta Gibson : The bottom line, Alice, if anybody's trying to hurt you, supernatural or not, they're going to have to go through us first.

    Yvonne : All of us. Right?

    Alice Johnson : That's what I'm afraid of.

  • Racine Gibson : Aren't you eating?

    Greta Gibson : I really don't feel up to it.

    Racine Gibson : Really, dear. You ought to try something.

    Greta Gibson : You're the one whose always slapping my hand about my weight, *Mother*.

    Racine Gibson : That's why we diet, dear. So we can eat at social events and not upset the other guests!

    Greta Gibson : Tell you what. Why don't I just eat the whole goddamn tray, go throw up and come back for seconds, all right?

  • Mark Gray : [seeing someone cut their hand on a beer bottle]  God, I could have gone all night without looking at that.

    Greta Gibson : You know, I think it's very strange how you draw your comics loaded with blood and guts. That freaks you out.

    Dan Jordan : Yeah, it's just a little blood, guy.

    Mark Gray : I know what it is, you big, dumb jock.

  • Greta Gibson : One of my friends died yesterday, Mother. Do you mind if I take a few hours off to remember him?

    Racine Gibson : But we're having a party, dear.

  • Mr. Gray : Hey, Mark! Picture time! Come get immortalized, parents and brats.


    Racine Gibson : [excitedly]  Greta! Photo opportunity, dear!

    Greta Gibson : Damn it, they caught me. I have to gnash my teeth for the paparazzi.

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