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  • L.A. real estate agent Kate Wooten gets a new lease on life when she learns that her new client, a mysterious and handsome man named Vlad, is looking for a house isolated in the Hollywood Hills where he wants to live and doesn't want to be disturbed. It doesn't take long for Kate to fall in love with her new client and to learn that he's a real vampire.

  • Los Angeles. 1989. Erotic, magnetic, immortal Vlad Tepesh (Brendan Hughes) is the real Prince of Darkness, on whom all vampire stories were based. When Vlad falls in love for the first time, it's with a woman he wants more than blind devotion - or blood. Kate Wooten (Sydney Walsh), the object of Vlad's passion, finds herself helpless against her attraction to her strange, new suitor who enters and disappears from her life like a phantom. Seeing that Vlad has found true love, Tom (Steve Bond), a handsome, charming and deadly "friend" of Vlad's, finally discovers the means to exact the revenge he has been plotting for hundreds of years. Cecilia (Amanda Wyss), Kate's roommate, also finds herself attracted to Vlad. Rapidly she becomes his emotional slave, fated to be another creature of the night. Despite warnings from her former boyfriend, Martin (Scott Jacoby), about Vlad's true origins, and Cecilia' horrible transformation and death, Kate's involvement with Vlad becomes stronger. They eventually make love. However, their passion is interrupted by Tom. The two vampires battle fiercely. Vlad emerges victorious, but now must make the ultimate sacrifice as Kate looks helplessly on... Greg H. Sims presents an Arrowhead Entertainment/Lee Caplin Production, "To Die For." Deran Sarafian directed from a script by Leslie King, and Barin Kumar produced. The film stars Brendan Hughes, Sydney Walsh, Amanda Wyss, Scott Jacoby, Micah Grant, with a "special appearance" by Duane Jones, and Steve Bond as "Tom." Skouras Pictures distributes.

  • The idea for "To Die For" came out of executive producer Greg H. Sims' love of the Dracula legend and the many Dracula films, and his long-standing desire to do a contemporary and romantic version of Bram Stoker's classic characters. Sims brought in writer Leslie King, who has previously penned a screenplay under the tutelage of Francis Ford Coppola, to realize his concept. Screenplay in place, Sims and his Arrowhead Productions formed a partnership with executive Lee Caplin and producer Barin Kumar. Dean Sarafian ("The Falling") was then brought to direct. With the assistance of casting director Linda Francis ("crimes of Passion'),a top-notch cast was assembled featuring Birtish actor Brendan Hughes ("Stranded", "Return to Horror High"); Sydney Walsh (TV's "Hooperman"); Amanda Wyss ("A Nightmare on Elm Street"); Emmy-winner Scott Jacoby; Micah Grant, Steve Bond ("General Hospital"); and Duane Jones ("Night of the Living Dead"), in his last film. The score for "To Die For" was composed by Cliff Eidelman. The film's theme song was co-written by Stacy Widelitz, who wrote the song "She's Like the Wind" from the box-office smash "Dirty Dancing." "To Die For" was filmed entirely in Los Angeles, including a full fledged castle in Malibu serving as Vlad's home.


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  • Real estate agent Kate Wooten [Sydney Walsh] and her boyfriend Marty Planting [Scott Jacoby] attend a party on a yacht, but Kate ends up in the arms of a mysterious stranger who disappears before she can find out who he is. He turns out to be Vlad Tepish [Brendan Hughes] who just happens to be in the market for a castle. Kate sells him one, and he hires Kate's roommate Celia "CiCi" Kett [Amanda Wyss] as a secretary (as well as a meal) and sets up housekeeping. Vlad's nemesis Tom [Steve Bond] shows up, vowing to get even with Vlad for taking his girlfriend 100 years ago. Tom intends to take Kate from Vlad.

    One night Kate gets a dress, a necklace, and an invitation to a 'soiree' at the Tepish castle. Many yuppies are there including Marty who makes off with a book about Vlad Tepes, Prince of Wallachia, Dracula. When CiCi sees Vlad kissing Kate, she becomes jealous and attempts to drive Kate away. Vlad drives CiCi away instead, and CiCi gets her face ripped away by Tom. While Marty and friend Mike Dunn [Micah Grant] sneak into the hospital to stake CiCi, Kate confronts Vlad. Instead, they make love and Vlad bites her and makes her drink from him. Tom intrudes, he and Vlad fight, and Vlad impales Tom on the bedpost. As Mike, Marty, Kate, and police watch, Vlad throws open the front door to the sun and is burnt up. His last words: "Lock up when you go."

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