The Witches (1990) Poster


Rowan Atkinson: Mr. Stringer



  • [the head chef has started shouting about a mouse in his trousers; the staff are trying to get at it by pulling his trousers off] 

    Mr. Stringer : What's going on in here?

    [he begins searching around] 

    Mr. Stringer : There's nothing much in there!

    [throws down the chef's trousers] 

    Mr. Stringer : Lot of fuss about nothing!

  • Elsie : [Marlene is crying hysterically]  Is she sober?

    Mr. Stringer : Yes she's sober! I've been with her all aftern... When... I... Uh... I saw her w... Yes, of course she's sober! Don't be stupid!

  • Marlene : [to Mr. Stringer]  I'll see you later then.

    Mr. Stringer : [hesitates]  We're short-staffed tonight. I might be a little late.

    Marlene : [smiles]  I can wait.

    [Mr. Stringer goes to kiss her until he sees small brown fur on her neck making him leave in disgust] 

    Marlene : What is it?

    [Marlene looks in the mirror and squeals in horror] 

  • Mr. Stringer : I'm sorry, madam, but I cannot permit mice in my hotel.

    Helga : How dare you say that when your rotten hotel is full of rats anyway?

    Mr. Stringer : Rats? There are no rats in this hotel!

    Helga : I saw one this morning running along the corridor, into the kitchens.

    Mr. Stringer : Madam, you only arrived in the hotel this afternoon.

    Helga : [scoffs]  Morning, afternoon, I saw a rat in your hotel, and if matters do not improve, I shall have to report you to the public health authorities.

    Mr. Stringer : Look, madam, I'm not prepared...

    Luke : The cakes in the lounge are nibbled around the edges, too. I can show you.

    Helga : If you are not careful, the health people will order the whole hotel closed before everyone gets typhoid fever.

    Mr. Stringer : You can't be serious, madam!

    Helga : I have never been more serious in my life. Now - will you or will you not let my grandchild keep his hygienic and perfectly harmless pet mice?

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