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Season 2

17 Sep. 1992
By Popular Demand
Ginger tries to help a slumping Jeff get an endorsement deal; Caroline attempts to rekindle her marriage with Charlie; the Sloans begin to suspect that Gloria and Abe have second jobs.
24 Sep. 1992
The Lemo Tomato Juice Hour
Anne and Al try to fix Gina up; Linda's story makes a weekly newsletter and lands her an editorial position; the Sloans consider investing in a housing development after learning that they are already paying subsidies for lower income housing ; Robert returns from overseas with a wife; Ginger gets a job performing a radio ad for tomato juice live over the air.
1 Oct. 1992
Can't Say No
Caroline suspects Charlie is having an affair with Linda and rumors quickly spread around town; Robert and his new wife continue to deal with discrimination; soon-to-be-married Ginger considers quitting as the tomato juice girl after being told that the role would be better played by a single girl.
8 Oct. 1992
Appleknocker to Wed Tomatohawker
Abe gets threatening hate messages over Robert's interracial marriage; Robert gets accepted into college; Ginger's job requires her to go on a date with a lucky contestant which causes conflict with Jeff; Mr. Sloan and Judy bond over their love of Indians baseball.
22 Oct. 1992
A Nickel Plate Romance
Caroline finds out about Gina and Charlie's secret romance; Seeing Ginger on a date with another man, Jeff cozies up to Caroline to make her jealous; Mr. Sloan arranges a Detroit bus trip to a baseball game with Judy.
29 Oct. 1992
When the Stars Begin to Fall
The Kahns take a romantic getaway weekend but get annoyed when the Sloans are staying in the adjoining room; Fearing that he may be on the rebound, Judy reluctantly agrees to go out with Jeff; Charlie moves back in with Carolyn in the hopes that it will force her to divorce him; Abe and Gloria struggle to make rent on their restaurant.
11 Nov. 1992
The Traveling Lemo All-Stars
Jeff goes on a travelling bus tour sponsored by Ginger's company and gets annoyed with the strict rules; Caroline rides along the same bus trip which will take her to Reno to get a quickie divorce; the Sloans find out about Abe and Gloria's business venture; Al and Anne argue about the baby's name.
3 Dec. 1992
First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage
With her divorce now finalized, Caroline sets her sights on Jeff; the Sloans worry that Charlie has ulterior motives in his relationship with Gina, most notably regarding their grandchild's inheritance; Jeff and Ginger both get bad news regarding their respective careers.
17 Dec. 1992
Life Is Short
On the eve of his 49th birthday, Mr. Sloan gets annoyed with people perceiving him as old; with an outbreak of polio, everyone is on edge about contracting the disease; Abe begins to experience memory loss.
9 Mar. 1993
Signed, Crazy in Love
With Ruth out of town, Mr. Sloan tries to discretely make time with Judy but keeps running into obstacles; Anne returns home from the hospital with her and the family struggling to adjust to her disabled state; Charlie takes a second job as a door to door salesman.
23 Apr. 2000
On the Rebound
Caroline tries to help Jeff with his stage fright; the Sloans continue with their attempts to break up Charlie and Gina; struggling with Anne's medical costs, Al asks his mother to borrow money; Ginger has doubts about her relationship with Arthur.
13 Apr. 1993
The Lacemakers
Lacemaker Gina is unnerved by terrifying flashbacks to her days in a Nazi concentration camp. Charlie is baffled by her mood swings. Meanwhile, saved items hold treasured memories for her grandmother, who doesn't want to impose when she's asked to move in with Abe and Gloria.
16 Mar. 1993
Like Being There When You're Not
Television seems to be the wave of the future, which could signal the end of Ginger and Jeff's radio show. A local sportswriter receives kudos after Judy ghostwrites his column on the Indians. Suspicions of infidelity lurk at the Sloan home.
23 Mar. 1993
Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How
Mike tells his angry wife that he's afraid of being blamed in the death of the writer Nadolski, and that Judy Owen suspects him. Jeff's irritated when Linda begins dating the newspaper editor.
30 Mar. 1993
Garfield Slept Here
After getting a note from an extortionist demanding $10,000 from them, the Sloans go undercover to scope out the blackmailer; Linda continues to investigate the Sloans' possible improprieties with the development of Heritage Village.
6 Apr. 1993
By Word or Act
The town of River Run is rocked when allegations surface that Al is a member of the Communist party and he refuses to deny it when pressed; Everyone with ties to Al is questioned.
26 Apr. 1993
Shabbat Shalom
After a chat with Ruth, Gina refuses Charlie's marriage proposal because she wants her baby, Emma, to grow up in a Jewish home with a Jewish father who knows all the customs. After imagining what life would be like if the Sloans were their housekeepers, Abe and Gloria decide to quit their job with the Sloans and focus on their café, where a cop's visits are driving Gloria crazy. Jeff tries to hide his jealousy when Arthur starts to make appearances on "Fine Foods Family Hour" with Ginger.
26 Apr. 1993
All Good Things
Jeff is surprised when Coach Zelnick offers him a second chance to try out for the team, not knowing who put him up to it. Ginger finalizes her wedding plans. Al decides to go back east to find work since no one want to hire him. Charlie realises that it's going to be harder than he thought to convert to Judaism. Mike and Ruth decide to divorce.

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