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  • Vampires come to town. Who's a vampire? Who's not? Ask our main character, who is suspicious, and our main character's brother, who gets seduced by one.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • NOTE: Sequel to "To Die For" (1989)

    About two years have passed since Vlad Tepish and Tom fought over Kate Wooten, and Mike Dunn and Martin Planting staked Celia Kett. Kate still lies traumatized. Martin [Scott Jacoby] works at a bank in Los Angeles. Vlad has now become Dr. Max Schreck [Michael Praed], night-shift emergency room doctor, who drinks only plasma and dispenses blood to his vampire cohorts. Tom [Steve Bond] is back as Max's bloodsucking brother, and Celia [Amanda Wyss] lives with Max and Tom in their castle near Lake Serenity where there has been a rash of 'coyote attacks' on people. Martin recognizes the bite patterns right away, quits his job and drives up to Lake Serenity.

    Also within the last two years, thanks to Max's "f**kin' and feedin'" habits, a baby has been born and adopted out to one Nina Black [Rosalind Allen] whose husband ran off, leaving her, brother Danny [Jay Underwood] and baby Tyler [Devin Corrie Sims] to run Sky Forest Bed & Breakfast near Lake Serenity. But Nina's having a problem with Tyler. He won't eat. Danny is being turned by Celia and is of no help, so Nina takes Tyler to the emergency room where Max recognizes his son immediately and romances Nina so that he can be close to them.

    In the big climax at the Tepish-Schreck castle, Max reveals his parentage to Nina and asks her to stay with him. Tom threatens to turn Tyler all the way and kill Nina in the process. Max attempts to stop Tom but Tom knocks Max out. Danny comes to Nina's rescue but Tom cuts off Danny's head with a chainsaw. Celia comes to Max's rescue by impaling Tom, but Tom pulls Celia close and impales her on the same stake. Max recovers and finally disintegrates Tom, but Martin pulls open the curtains and fries Max in the morning sun.

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