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  • When the producers of the first film made it, they didn't anticipate that it would be the hit that it was and spawn multiple sequels and television shows. There really hasn't been an official explanation for this, however when asked about it, the producers for the main television series have suggested that Connor didn't actually win the prize in the first movie, it was just a very powerful quickening. Fan theories explore the concept that Connor's was only one 'Prize' rather than the ultimate one. Edit

  • Immortals grow and age normally until they die for the first time and after that they never age, we see Immortals who are still children despite being hundreds of years old but we also see them as old men because they didn't die for the first time until they were that age. They can sustain massive wounds which heal almost immediately and if their injuries are enough to be fatal to an ordinary human they die but come back to life again a short time later. They cannot regenerate severed limbs etc as shown in S02E14 'Unholy Alliance I' and we know that when Ramirez cuts the Kurgan's vocal chords in the original film neither they nor the scar across his neck heal. They can sense one another's presence and also are able to detect when a mortal human is destined to become an Immortal. They can be killed only by decaptiation whereupon a nearby Immortal can absorb their knowledge and power through 'The Quickening'. They can also breathe underwater although they do need to eat and drink. Edit

  • Immortals can never have children even when they marry one another, although we see many adopt orphans and raise them to adulthood before faking their own deaths and creating a new identity. Immortals are forbidden to fight on holy ground of any religion. This was originally construed as just a tradition but in Highlander 3 we see the appearance of a spirit like apparition (similar to the one glimpsed in Highlander when Connor wins 'The Prize') which actually forbids it when 2 Immortals try. Combat between Immortals is always supposed to be one on one and using swords although we see some cheat during the course of the series. When a group of Immortals has amassed enough kills and the 'Quickenings' which accompany them they feel an irrestible urge to come together in what is known as 'The Gathering' to fight to the death. The winner receives 'The Prize', a new set of mental abilities coupled with the ability to grow old and have children should they wish to. Should only one Immortal remain out of them all they will be all-powerful. Edit

  • At first the answer is decisively no, Duncan is actually dismissive of the idea to Richie. However in later seasons we see Immortals cast illusions, read minds, exhibit mind control, prophesise the future, have psychic visions and out of body experiences and undergo spiritual cleansing using magical pools. We also establish the existence of demons and possibly of werewolves/shapeshifters. We know from the original Highlander film that when Connor wins 'The Prize' he gains the power to read and influence people's minds all over the world so it may be that other Immortals who exhibit special abilities have also won a 'Prize' at some stage. Edit

  • Highlander 2 postulates the theory that Immortals are actually aliens, exiles from the planet 'Zeist' who are youthed into babies and placed at different periods of Earth history. The directors cut of the film establishes that Zeist civilisation instead existed on Earth in the ancient past, suggesting that Immortals are indeed human but with added abilities. Notably Highlander; The Series and Highlander; Endgame establish that all Immortals are foundlings (abandoned babies adopted by strangers). Edit



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