3 Ninjas (1992) Poster


Michael Treanor: Rocky



  • Grandpa : Colt, what is a ninja?

    Colt : A ninja is one who can use everything around him to trick his enemies. He and fast and he is friendly to his environment.

    Rocky : A ninja is honest and good. His mind, body and spirit are one. He has self-control. He has discipline.

    Tum Tum : A ninja loves nature, uh, 'cause he is part of nature. A ninja never fights a battle if he cannot win.

  • Rocky : We should run.

    Tum Tum : We should hide.

    Colt : We should kick their butts!

  • Grandpa : Alright, Samuel!

    Rocky : Sir!

    Grandpa : From this day forth until forever, you will be known as Rocky. Because you are strong, solid, and cool as granite rock!

    Rocky : [Receives mask]  Awesome! Yeah!

    Grandpa : Ahh, Jeffrey. Fast and free, spirit of the young wild horse; you shall be known as Colt!

    Colt : Colt? That's cool.

    Tum Tum : What about me? Can I be Monster Destroyer? Or how about Super Killer?

    Colt : How about Super Dork?

    Tum Tum : Shut up, spazz!

    Grandpa : Ah, little one. Since your energy begins and ends with your tummy; you shall be known as Tum Tum!

    Tum Tum : Tum Tum!

    [Both Tum Tum and Grandpa laugh] 

    Colt : I can't wait 'till we show these to dad!

    Rocky : He'll hate 'em.

  • Rocky : Grandpa is a Ninja. He will come.

    Tum Tum : I don't care who he is as long as he brings us something to eat.

  • Rocky : Hey, what's the matter with us? Remember what Grandpa taught us? Everything around us can be our friend. Be friendly to your environment.

    Colt : Oh sure, Rocky, we gonna go make the friendly door open?

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