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  • "Braindead" is the actual and original title of the film and the title that is used everywhere except for in the United States. Due to conflicts with another film of the same title, "Dead Alive" was used instead. Edit

  • That is merely the viewers opinion, seeing as there isn't really any way to measure the gore in the film - but many people think so. Edit

  • No - the creature is purely fictional and only inhabits "Skull Island" (which is also a fictional island first conceived in the original King Kong movie from 1933). According to the film's lore, the Sumatran Rat Monkey is the offspring of small tree monkeys being raped by giant plague rats, a combination which is actually quite impossible (rape might be possible though very, very unlikely but not cross-breeding). It is presented as a myth in the movie as well, the zoo-keeper says "it is said" this is the origin of the species, he does not claim it as fact.

    Peter Jackson himself is a big fan of the original King Kong -- he's stated in many interviews that it's his favorite film -- so the Skull Island reference is definitely not a coincidence. Also, in Jackson's 2005 remake of King Kong there's a brief moment where you see a crate in the ship's cargo hold labeled "Sumatran Rat Monkey". Edit

  • Technically, the zombies seem to stay "alive" until they are chopped and/or blended into nothing. In this sense, a zombie could be cut down so many times but will still survive until it is nothing but liquid. This can be proved by the organ-monster that attacks Lionel in the bathroom, attic and finally the hallway. Edit

  • There has been no word of it. Edit

  • Even though this version is not rated, the DVD is cut. Most of the missing scenes are plot scenes but nevertheless some cuts were made for censorship. Till today no Uncut version has been released in the US. Edit

  • Yes, it's not an urban myth. The R-Rated Version got released by VidMark Entertainment and features only a torso of this Peter Jackson classic. More than 130 differences can be found between the R-Rated Version and the Original Uncensored Version, which isn't available in the States. Nearly all gore scenes got butchered and due to this approx. 17 minutes are missing in the R-Rated Version. Edit

  • There are two Italian DVD releases and both are apparently equally censored. The DVD we checked contains some alternative footage at the beginning and some cuts were made during the mutilation of the professor. Edit



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