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Season 9

7 Oct. 2000
Home of the Brave
The Rangers stop a baby kidnapping ring that sells the infants to parents desperate for a baby. Also, a property owner wants his tenants out of the apartment building, so he plants a bomb with the people inside.
14 Oct. 2000
Deadly Situation
Walker, Trivette, Alex, Gage and Cooke go to another city to play baseball with the city's police department. Alex meets with the D.A. who is a friend to talk about a major drug bust they made. Later two cops are waiting for someone when three detectives come in and try to kill them. One of them is killed, the other gets away. He makes his way to the courthouse and the detectives chase him, he runs into the D.A.'s office and they shoot the D.A. Walker shows up and tells them to get out. He then talks to the cop who claims that he has proof that the three detectives ...
21 Oct. 2000
White Buffalo
A new drug called the White Buffalo hits the streets and Alex, Sydney and a young child find the drug dealers while they are hiking. Sydney is shot by the drug dealers. Walker investigates a buffalo statue that appears to be crying tears.
28 Oct. 2000
The Avenging Angel
A wrestling friend of Trevette's is killed during his flying entrance to the ring. The Rangers search for the businessman who wants to put the wrestling company out of business.
4 Nov. 2000
Winds of Change
A man who calls himself The Chairman talks with various mob bosses and informs them that he knows who among their people are undercover operatives sent by the government. He offers to weed them out for a fee. But one man, named Cardoza who is based in Texas refuses but when the Chairman tells him that a Senator is in Dallas to meet with Alex on how to deal with him, he claims that it doesn't bother him. But, he actually decides to take her out. The Chairman then informs the Rangers who stop Cardoza's men. Later when the Senator is informed of undercover agents turning...
11 Nov. 2000
Walker and his team are still searching for the man who is eliminating undercover agents. He gets a lead when the son of a mobster goes to people who pay his father for protection asking for more. When one of them decides to go to his father and tell him what he id doing, he kills him. Someone sees it and tells Walker. Walker then sets out to get the mobster's son. The mobster then goes to the Chairman to deal with this.
18 Nov. 2000
Turning Point
Walker sets out to go after the Chairman. He decides to go after his clients. He decides to start with a man Rosetti knows who is now in Miami. He sends Rosetti, Trivette, Gage and Cooke. They eventually find the man's accountant. They convince him to testify against his boss. Gage and Cooke are bringing him back to Dallas. But when the his boss learns of this, he informs the Chairman who then makes sure he doesn't reach Dallas.
25 Nov. 2000
The explosive conclusion of the Rangers' on-going search for the elusive and resourceful Chairman.
9 Dec. 2000
Child of Hope
A man joins burglars to make money to feed his family. When things go wrong, he is killed. His wife and baby escape, but she has to abandon her baby with Alex. Alex cares for the baby while the case is solved. Alex learns she is pregnant.
16 Dec. 2000
The granddaughter of someone Alex and Walker knows is in need of a liver transplant. When a donor is found, the organ is on it's way via ambulance. But some men who pulled a robbery run into the ambulance literally. When their vehicle is damaged they take the ambulance along with the organ. So Walker tries to find it.
6 Jan. 2001
Golden Boy
Walker takes in a young boxing prodigy after the boy's parents are killed in a car accident. Meanwhile, Rangers Sydney and Gage go undercover to take down a drug ring.
20 Jan. 2001
Desperate Measures
A bus transporting female convicts is forced off the road and the ones who force it off the road are the partners of two of the convicts on the bus. They proceed to go on a crime spree. The other two are chained together and escape together. One of them claims to be innocent of the crime she was convicted of and tries to find her son. Her husband tries to find her so he can kill her. They eventually run into Gage who is on a bike ride.
3 Feb. 2001
Division Street
Boomer Knight runs a youth center in a gang neighborhood to keep the children from joining the gangs. Walker helps him organize basketball tournaments. The drug dealers try to intervene by kidnapping Boomer.
10 Feb. 2001
Saturday Night
Walker and the others are working on reports that the mob is making a move on Dallas and they are forcing criminals to turn their operations to them or else. At the same time his friend who owns a club, borrowed money from someone who works for the mob. And after he pays them, they insist that he give them ownership of the club. When the mob boss arrives, he tries to kill him but Walker stops him and they agree to work together to get them.
17 Feb. 2001
Justice for All
After a lawyer who is representing a man who was beaten when he was arrested is shot. Walker and his team must find out who shot him.
14 Apr. 2001
6 Hours
The daughter of a Dallas billionaire is kidnapped by her bodyguard and held for ransom on a nationally televised website. Walker and the rangers have only six hours to save her before she dies.
21 Apr. 2001
Medieval Crimes
Gage and Sydney go undercover at a medieval theme restaurant to gather evidence that some workers are stealing art from museums overnight. Gage is identified by a waitress and his life is in jeopardy.
21 Apr. 2001
After a trial where a crime boss is found guilty, the head juror is killed. The Rangers connect the murder to the son of the convicted criminal. Others are in danger from the son's revenge for putting his father in prison.
28 Apr. 2001
Unsafe Speed
Sydney and Gage go undercover to bust a biker gang that has been dealing drugs to illegally-licensed truck drivers; one of which caused a fatal highway accident that first alerts Walker and company to the operation.
28 Apr. 2001
Without a Sound
While trying to prevent a crime, Gage is near an explosion. The intensity of the blast, damages his hearing. While they wait to see if his hearing returns, Walker and the others try to find the ones Gage tangled with. And they are also planning to take Gage out too.
5 May 2001
Blood Diamonds
The end is near ... in a show told mostly in flashbacks, a wounded Walker ascends through a manufacturing plant, wounded and using his gun one bullet at a time on killers as he recounts the story of a visiting African businessman who collapses from an Ebola-like virus after infecting several people. The businessman, who has since died of the virus, was a pawn in an African diamond-smuggling ring. Now Walker has the diamonds and a whole cartel is in the building going after him. A "Dallas"-like twist ending keeps Walker going (this show and the one after it were ...
5 May 2001
Reel Rangers
A show played largely for laughs (and with Walker not involved in the story; he has a few scenes checking in with Alex's obstetrician to try to find the sex of their upcoming baby): Trivette leads a group of Rangers backstage at Las Colinas Studios (and the actors' trailers for this show) to investigate skulduggery on a movie being filmed in Dallas.
19 May 2001
The Final Showdown: Part 1
Killer Lavocat breaks his gang members out of prison to help kill the Rangers he determines a threat to his life. Lavocat caused the death of CD, Jenson, and attempted to kill Trivette. A Hayes Cooper story parallels the modern day story.
19 May 2001
The Final Showdown: Part 2
Lavocat continues with plans to kill the Rangers. As the Hayes Cooper story unfolds, Hayes fights an ancestor of Lavocat. In current day, the Rangers go after Lavocat. Trivette and Erika are engaged for marriage. Alex gives birth to a girl.

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