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Season 5

9 Oct. 1995
Cats Nipped
Vic the Slick has stolen Florida's Everglades Panthers.
10 Oct. 1995
A Sign of Trouble
Wonder Rat has stolen the Hollywood Sign.
11 Oct. 1995
Jailhouse Rocked
Vic the Slick has stolen Port Arthur Prison.
12 Oct. 1995
Minimum Security Prism
Patty Larceny has stolen the Iguazu Falls Rainbow.
13 Oct. 1995
What a Shell Lacking
Vic the Slick has stolen the Cayman Islands' Green Sea Turtles.
16 Oct. 1995
Robocrook has stolen the Prague Astronomical Clock.
17 Oct. 1995
Learned Kneemoi
Kneemoi has stolen Tai Chi Chuan.
18 Oct. 1995
A Shriek of Nature
Sarah Nade has stolen Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.
19 Oct. 1995
Wine Not
The Contessa has stolen South Africa's Vineyards.
20 Oct. 1995
Double Trouble have stolen the Budapest Bridges.
23 Oct. 1995
Stardust Buster
Robocrook has stolen the Milky Way Galaxy.
24 Oct. 1995
I've Been Burpin' on the Railroad
Top Grunge has stolen the Mount Washington Cog Railway.
25 Oct. 1995
The Lion Sting
Patty Larceny has stolen the Terrace of the Lions.
26 Oct. 1995
Stormy Two's Day
Double Trouble have stolen Mardi Gras.
27 Oct. 1995
Wrestle Rustler
Eartha Brute has stolen Sumo Wrestling.
30 Oct. 1995
That Girl's Got Characters
Patty Larceny has stolen South Korea's Alphabet.
31 Oct. 1995
I Know Why No Rhino
Top Grunge has stolen Zimbabwe's Black Rhinos.
1 Nov. 1995
Scrolldies but Goodies
Patty Larceny has stolen the Dead Sea Scrolls.
2 Nov. 1995
The Cuba Missing Crisis
Double Trouble have stolen Cuba.
3 Nov. 1995
Take a Byte Out of Crime
Robocrook has stolen the Internet.
6 Nov. 1995
A Frank Case of Theft
The Contessa has stolen Anne Frank's House.
7 Nov. 1995
Summa Cum Rowdy
Vic the Slick has stolen the University of Oxford.
8 Nov. 1995
A Volcanic Corruption
Top Grunge has stolen the Cappadocia Cones.
9 Nov. 1995
Held for B-Ransom
Sarah Nade has stolen the Branson County Theatres.
10 Nov. 1995
Stop Your Blubbering
Double Trouble have stolen Hawaii's Humpback Whales.
13 Nov. 1995
Wave Bye-Bye
Sarah Nade has stolen Wave Rock.
14 Nov. 1995
Shoo, Trees
Kneemoi has stolen California's Bristlecone Pines.
15 Nov. 1995
Stonecutter's Haul
Robocrook has stolen the Shona Sculptures.
16 Nov. 1995
The Contessa has stolen the White House.
17 Nov. 1995
Maternal Instinks
Top Grunge has stolen Rock Palace.
20 Nov. 1995
A Pinch of Salt
Kneemoi has stolen the Salt from Earth's Oceans.
21 Nov. 1995
El Ca-Steal-O
Vic the Slick has stolen El Castillo Pyramid.
22 Nov. 1995
Fall of the House of Ushers
Wonder Rat has stolen Fox Theater.
23 Nov. 1995
Headache in the Temple
Eartha Brute has stolen the Temple of Hatshepsut.
24 Nov. 1995
Se Habla Espa-ol
Patty Larceny has stolen the Spanish Letter "Ñ".
27 Nov. 1995
Someday My Prints Will Come
Kneemoi has stolen the Moon's Surface Footprints.
28 Nov. 1995
Haul That Jazz
Sarah Nade has stolen the Alabama Jazz Hall.
29 Nov. 1995
20th Century Rat
Wonder Rat has stolen the Filmmakers' Monument.
30 Nov. 1995
The Persian Incursion
Eartha Brute has stolen Persepolis.
1 Dec. 1995
If it Ain't Baroque, Don't Filch It
The Contessa has stolen Versailles Palace.
11 Dec. 1995
Tyrannosaurus Wrecked
Eartha Brute has stolen the Calgary Zoo's Prehistoric Park.
12 Dec. 1995
In Casa Emergency, Call 911
The Contessa has stolen La Casa Rosada.
13 Dec. 1995
Tales You Lose
Wonder Rat has stolen Grimm's Fairy Tales.
14 Dec. 1995
Haul of the Roaming Empire
Eartha Brute has stolen the Empire State Building.
15 Dec. 1995
Racquet Racket
Double Trouble have stolen the Championships at Wimbledon.
18 Dec. 1995
Latitude Adjustment
Robocrook has stolen the Equatorial Monument.
19 Dec. 1995
Ready, Willing and Cable
Top Grunge has stolen San Francisco's Cable Cars.
20 Dec. 1995
Art So Nice, They Stole It Twice
Sarah Nade has stolen Edvard Munch's "The Scream."
21 Dec. 1995
Totem Bites Back
Kneemoi has stolen Totem Bight State Park.
22 Dec. 1995
A Rodent Ran Through It
Wonder Rat has stolen the Amazon River.

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