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Season 2

14 Sep. 1994
Never Say Die
Gil tries to dispel Harry's fears over a tonsillectomy.
21 Sep. 1994
Speak No Evil
After inadvertently belittling education to Harry's class on career day, Gil gets a gold star from the students---and a scathing reprimand from Bobbi.
28 Sep. 1994
Easy Money
Odds are good that there'll be trouble in the Turner house when Gil takes the kids out of school to go to the track.
5 Oct. 1994
Get a Job
Gil is left with the kids after shaming Bobbi into looking for a "real job."
12 Oct. 1994
First Date
A boy (Zachery Ty Bryan) asks Claudine to go to a dance---her first date. But she's mortified when Bobbi insists on driving.
19 Oct. 1994
Give 'Em Hell, Bobbi
Bobbi is Jenny's new coach, but her "winning isn't everything" approach isn't scoring points with team members---or their parents.
26 Oct. 1994
Sex, Lies & Popcorn
When the kids spot Bobbi out on a date, after she lied about baking at Rita's, they suspect the worst: her date hates kids---and he's serious about their mom.
2 Nov. 1994
The Garage Sale
A garage sale finds Bobbi and Gil in a rhubarb over a baseball-card collection that could bring as much as $2200.
7 Mar. 1995
Accidentally at First Sight
Romantic sparks fly between Bobbi and a stranger---whose car Gil crashed into.
14 Mar. 1995
Are We There Yet?
It's time for the stock-car racers' reunion, but Harry puts the brakes on Gil's enthusiasm when he decides to tag along. Meanwhile, Bobbi tries to sell the girls on the idea of a mother-daughter slumber party.
21 Mar. 1995
Breaking Away
When Bobbi thinks that Claudine is spending more time writing in her diary than confiding in her, she's tempted to take a peek. Meanwhile, Gil teaches Harry how to ride a bike.
28 Mar. 1995
The Trouble with Harry
A prank on Harry (Haley Joel Osment) backfires when he gets in trouble with Gil---and runs away.
4 Apr. 1995
Workin' Man's Blues
When the kids are unruly, Gils metes out their punishment: Harry must work in the garage, and the girls are evicted from their room. Meanwhile, Bobbi laughs at his plan.
11 Apr. 1995
A Little Me Time
Bobbi takes a break from the demands of the kids by bowling with Rita and her friends---on the night Gil plans to watch "the fight of the century."
18 Apr. 1995
I Am Spartacus
A family trip to a carnival is on ice until the person who left a container of ice cream on the kitchen counter confesses.
25 Apr. 1995
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Bobbi and the kids' surprise arrival spoils a dinner Gil had planned. Meanwhile, the kids' plans to make amends get Gil in double trouble.
2 May 1995
Just a Vacation
Bobbi takes Gil and the kids to a family vacation spot where the only camp regulation seems to be Murphy's Law.
9 May 1995
Buzz Off, Buzzard Boy
Harry wants a party in the theme of his superhero, but Bobbi opts for Enviro-man, a superbore that only Mother Earth could love.
4 Jul. 1995
No Swing Set
When Bobbi decides to sew Jenny's recital costumes, the school mistakenly takes the family for a charity case and showers them with handouts.

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