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Sigourney Weaver: Helen Hudson



  • Helen Hudson : Fuck you.

    Peter Foley : What?

    Helen Hudson : You heard me, you little twerp. Do you think I'm afraid of you?

    Peter Foley : I know you are.

    Helen Hudson : I know all about you. You're just a sad, second rate, boring, impotent little copycat.


    Peter Foley : Watch it, bitch, or I will slice that smile off your face, do you hear me?

    Helen Hudson : Daryll Lee couldn't get it up either.

    Peter Foley : DO YOU HEAR ME?

    [Helen spits in Peter's face] 

    Peter Foley : Okay, I see, Helen. Nice try. You wanna know a little secret? Huh? I'm on to your trick. I won't kill you fast no matter how much you're gonna want me to.

  • Helen Hudson : [annoyed by an offgoing car alarm system]  Just steal the car and go!

  • M.J. Monahan : [after the killer hacked her internet address and shows his next victim]  Do you remember what she looked like?

    Helen Hudson : Yes. She looked like a girl. She looked like a million other girls. I barely saw her.

  • Helen Hudson : [laughing maniacally at Peter on the roof]  Put up your dukes!

  • Helen Hudson : He really wants us to think what he's doing is art.

  • Helen Hudson : The screams of the victim deaden his pain, the act of killing makes him intensely alive. What he feels next is not guilt, but disappointment. It was not as wonderful as he hoped. Maybe next time, it will be perfect. And as his determination builds to take another life, he plans an obsessive detail, what props he'll bring, what knots he'll tie. Let me ask you guys something, what turns you on? I mean, what really does it for you? Is it a great body? Is it a nice smile? Is it beautiful legs? But what turns on a serial killer is the suffering and death of another human being. Now, I'd like to ask you guys a favor, if you could all please stand up, all the gentlemen in the room, please indulge me for a second. Come on, it's only fair after all the time you spent ogling us.

    [All the men in the room stand to their feet] 

    Helen Hudson : Now, would everybody under 20 and over 35 have a seat? And if you're of Asian or African-American descent, you may sit down. Now, Kenny, can you... turn that light on for us, please, so we can get a good look at these guys? Alright, ladies, what do you see? Some pretty cute guys, don't you think? I mean, if one of these fellas asked you out for a drink you'd go, wouldn't you? Well, let me tell you something: 9 out of 10 serial killers are white males, aged 20 to 35 just like these. Albert DeSalvo, Bianchi and Buono, Berkowitz, Dahmer, Ted Bundy... They were quiet, unassuming, even... nice. They held down jobs, they made decent neighbors. Their victims trusted them. The FBI estimates that there could be as many as 35 serial killers cruising for victims even as I speak. Alright, guys, you better sit down, you're scaring me.

    [the men all sit back down] 

    Helen Hudson : Serial killers are not a 20th century invention, but we seem to be spawning them in ever greater numbers. The state of Florida spent almost $8,000,000 to electrocute Ted...

    [She thinks she sees Daryl Lee Cullum in the audience, moving his index finger across his next in a slashing motion, while mouthing the words, "You're dead"; she looks around, as her security is prepared to take action; she looks back and realizes, she was only seeing things] 

    Helen Hudson : Sorry. Um, the state of Florida spent $8,000,000 to electrocute Ted Bundy. Wouldn't that money have been better spent keeping him confined for life, subjected to intense scientific scrutiny? It's in our best hope to try to identify the Ted Bundys of the future before they kill. Thank you.

  • Helen Hudson : I'm not on duty; neither is my brain.

  • M.J. Monahan : Why is that computer turned off?

    Helen Hudson : [turns around to see a blank screen]  Because I turned it off.

    M.J. Monahan : You can't do that.

    Helen Hudson : I believe I can... but would you like me to turn it back on?

    M.J. Monahan : Yeah.

  • Helen Hudson : What am I... the lamb tied to the stake here?

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