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Season 1

26 Aug. 1996
The Darkest Fathoms
The Quest team investigates rumors of ghost pirates in Bermuda, near the site of a legendary pirate wreck.
27 Aug. 1996
Escape to Questworld
An old enemy falls victim to his own weapon, a nerve gas, which threatens to leak out of his lab and destroy others.
28 Aug. 1996
In the Realm of the Condor
The team searches for a missing man and stumbles across the lost city of El Dorado.
29 Aug. 1996
Rage's Burning Wheel
The team searches for a way to stop an apocalyptic preacher and his apostles from ending the world.
30 Aug. 1996
Ndovu's Last Journey
The team protects an elephant from poachers.
2 Sep. 1996
Manhattan Maneater
Jonny and the others search for a tiger roaming Manhattan, but a tabloid television reporter is hot on their heels.
3 Sep. 1996
East of Zanzibar
Sea monsters are rumored to be responsible for vanishing ships in the Seychelles.
4 Sep. 1996
Assault on Questworld
Jonny and Jessie must impersonate their fathers in Questworld when Jeremiah Surd attacks the Quest compound and Hadji's mind.
5 Sep. 1996
Ezekiel Rage
The Quest team gets in the way of a government agent seeking revenge for his family's death.
6 Sep. 1996
Alien in Washington
Transmissions from space contain warnings to halt space experiments.
9 Sep. 1996
Return of the Anasazi
The team seeks the truth behind a quartz statue and a New Mexico mystery involving Men In Black.
10 Sep. 1996
The Alchemist
The legendary Philospher's Stone is recovered, then lost again.
11 Sep. 1996
Trouble on the Colorado
Alice Starseer returns to bury her grandfather but comes into danger through Surd's ambition.
12 Sep. 1996
In the Wake of the Mary Celeste
Dr. Quest runs across underwater crop circles while on a journey to investigate the legendary sunken ship "Mary Celeste."
13 Sep. 1996
The team runs into a giant monster that is rumored to attack from several directions at once.
16 Sep. 1996
Besieged in Paradise
Surd prods cetaceans around the world into violence through his control of the cetacean bandwidth.
17 Sep. 1996
The Spectre of the Pine Barrens
The team investigates the Jersey Devil and stumbles across a 200-year-old feud between the descendants of Revolutionary and Loyalist forces from the Revolutionary War.
18 Sep. 1996
Surd lures Jonny into a terrible maze.
19 Sep. 1996
The Ballad of Belle Bonnet
A ghostly thief guards a cache of gold that long ago cost her her life in the Old West.
23 Sep. 1996
In the Darkness of the Moon
Race falls for a mysterious woman while the team investigates a werewolf attack.
24 Sep. 1996
The Secret of the MOAI
Surd is using an alien craft to experiment with human de-evolution.
25 Sep. 1996
Expedition to Khumbu
On an expedition to find the Yeti, the team finds a scientist bent on taking the monster in dead or alive.
26 Sep. 1996
Ice Will Burn
Jessie crashes into Siberia and finds a tribe of ancient Russians living underground.
29 Oct. 1996
Future Rage
The Aurora Borealis is the key to preventing rogue government agent Rage from using a nuclear device.
1 Nov. 1996
Alligators and Okeechobee Vikings
When alligators attack a drilling facility in the Everglades, they leave behind a Viking sword.
2 Jan. 1997
To Bardo and Back
Race is in a coma after a rodeo accident, and his friends seek help from Questworld.

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