The Pretender (TV Series 1996–2000) Poster


Patrick Bauchau: Sydney, Jacob



  • Sydney : Good morning, Miss Parker. Broots.

    Broots : Sydney.

    Miss Parker : You're looking... refreshed.

    Sydney : New underpants will do that to you.

    [Miss Parker and Broots look at each other silently] 

    Miss Parker : Sydney, you made a funny.

    Sydney : Stole it, I'm afraid. Last night, I went on a date.

    Broots : You had a date!

    Miss Parker : [to Broots]  That's when two people actually meet instead of typing to each other on a computer keyboard.

    [to Sydney] 

    Miss Parker : So, if it was a date, how can you be sure that those are *your* underpants?

  • Sydney : The Centre wants him alive.

    Miss Parker : Preferably.

  • Sydney : You believe someone stole your mother's body?

    Miss Parker : Except for this Scotch-induced earthquake rattling between my ears, I'm not sure exactly what to believe anymore.

    Broots : Let's face it, Sydney. Catherine Parker's body being gone fits in with all the other bizarre happenings around here. The reappearance of Edna Raines, who, after 30 years, everyone thought was dead...

    Miss Parker : And now who really is dead, thanks to the Bald Butcher she called hubby.

  • Jarod : Get back to me, Sydney. I'm running late.

    Sydney : For what?

    Jarod : Justice.

  • Sydney : [laughing]  Here I am, trying to comfort you.

    Miss Parker : [looking hurt]  As if anything you could ever do would give me comfort?

    Sydney : [quickly sobers]  It did once.

  • Sydney : You can't save them all, Jarod. You may be a Pretender, but you're human.

  • Sydney : How do you think he will hold up?

    Miss Parker : Before or after he wets his pants?

  • Sydney : How come you know so much about Greek lore?

    Miss Parker : I did a lot of frat boys in college.

  • Miss Parker : [groans and bends over in pain]  Oh, no.

    Sydney : Your ulcer? And no medication.

    Miss Parker : Ladies and gentlemen. The fabulous Sherlock Holmes.

  • Sydney : Bernice and I went to this amusing little place, The Chocolat.

    [Broots and Miss Parker burst out laughing] 

    Broots : You, uh, you, you, you went to a comedy club.

    Sydney : New experiences keep my psychiatric skills finely tuned.

    Miss Parker : Not to mention that slam-bang wit.

    Sydney : Exactly! How many psychiatrists does it take to change one lightbulb?

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