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  • Almost all the songs played in this movie are from the Spice Girls' first two CDs, Spice and Spiceworld. No actual soundtrack was released for this reason. Edit

  • All music should appear on both CD's. Sometimes, music doesn't appear on CD's for various reasons.

    However some songs, like "Come On, Come On", the Army Chant, the remix of Who Do You Think You Are, and other such things are difficult to find. You basically have to use some sort of p2p software. None of those were ever released on a CD or as a B-side to any of their singles. Edit

  • In the theatrical version, and even the VHS version, there is a concert scene at the very end of the movie. It is a clip of their song Mama off of their first CD, Spice.

    However, since its release on DVD, it has been removed from the end and has now been added as a Bonus Feature on the disc. Edit



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