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15 Sep. 1970
Episode dated 15 September 1970
CBS News launched the third season of its news-magazine with a diversity of subject matter encased in three segments (ever 20 minutes) and with the crack team Reasoner/Wallace as anchormen and interviewers.
27 Nov. 1970
Episode dated 27 November 1970
Major segment of the program was drawn from the book "The China Cloud", also footage of the Red Chinese nuclear explosion. Another segment featured an interview with the young Palestinian girl Leila Khaled.
26 Sep. 1971
Episode dated 26 September 1971
A copout piece on the Attica riots (a visit to Colorado State Prison) and interviews by Wallace with South Vietnam Veep Nguyen Cao Ky and General Duong Van "Big" Minh.
1 Oct. 1972
Episode dated 1 October 1972
Show offered a gingerly look at the military dictatorship in Greece and the U.S. government's close ties with the Fascist regime.
8 Apr. 1973
Episode dated 8 April 1973
Mike Wallace interviews artist Thomas Hart Benton.
5 Jan. 1975
Episode dated 5 January 1975
Show is top lined with interviews of G. Gordon Liddy the Watergate felon by Wallace and the "12th Man" psychiatrist (San Diego Chargers) Arnold J. Mandell by Safer.
25 May 1975
Episode dated 25 May 1975
A look at the Panama Canal; discussion on Thomas Hart Benton, the late American artist.
3 Aug. 1975
Judy/The Ultra Secret
Retrospective on the life & career of Judy Garland, including interviews with her daughters; a look at how the British cracked the WWII German code, considered at the time to be unbreakable.
6 Jan. 1980
Episode dated 6 January 1980
Mike Wallace interviews John Silber, the controversial president of Boston University.
22 Jun. 1980
Episode dated 22 June 1980
Harry Reasoner profiles jazz great Anita O'Day; Dan Rather reports on a controversial legal rule which may free guilty persons in the name of the law; Morley Safer visits the Rolls-Royce factory.
13 Oct. 1985
Postal Gang/A Nun's Story/Segment 3
"Postal Gang" investigates a Filipino gang of US postal workers steeling credit cards and treasury checks and cashing them under fraudulent identity cards. "A Nun's Story" follows the life at the monastery of cloistered nuns and their abbess who built a nation-wide television network.
28 Sep. 1986
Episode dated 28 September 1986
Parents who provide drugs for their children; Ed Bradley interviews Liza Minnelli in London; Miami Mayor Xavier Suarez discusses Cuban influences in his city.
19 Apr. 1987
Kurt Waldheim, Anchorman/Donny and Marie/The $500 Million Loan
"Kurt Waldheim, Anchorman" - Report on claims that many American adults have a lack of knowledge about current events, history, culture and geography. "Donny and Marie" - Profile of entertainers Donny and Marie Osmond. "The $500 Million Loan" - Report on how the World Bank financed a Brazilian Amazon forest development project, even though the bank was allegedly warned of possible adverse health and agricultural effects.
23 Aug. 1987
Wouldn't Anyone Listen?/Moscow U/The Last Nazi/A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney
"Wouldn't Anyone Listen?" - Report on a young woman, Sylvia Seegrist, with a history of mental illness, who last year killed three people at a suburban Philadelphia shopping mall "Moscow U" - Report on Americans who attend Moscow University in the USSR "The Last Nazi" - Report on circumstances surrounding the questionable identity of the man imprisoned and assumed to be Rudolf Hess, Hitler's Deputy Fuhrer "A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney" - Topic: Umbrellas
6 Dec. 1987
Clang, Clang, Clang Went the Trolley
Morley Safer interviews witnesses related to his examination of the 1936-1950 National City Lines streetcar conspiracy and resultant federal convictions against major American companies and individuals involved in the acquisition and subsequent dismantling of over 100 streetcar lines and electric railways in 45 American cities and their quick conversion into bus operation.
27 Dec. 1987
Wright Is Wrong?
"Wright is Wrong?" examines whether Connecticut aviator Gustave Whitehead managed to have a powered flight before the Wright Brothers.
Bellwood, Illinois
Correspondent Ed Bradley investigates "racial steering" practiced by unscrupulous real estate agents in Chicago.
Almost Drowned
Correspondent Ed Bradley explores the medical and ethical dilemmas that confront emergency room doctors treating "near drowning" victims.
Jocelyn Elders
Ed Bradley profiles Dr. Jocelyn Elders, the controversial Secretary of Health who served under Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton and President Bill Clinton in Washington, D.C.
The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread
Correspondent Ed Bradley exposes the fraud perpetrated on American consumers by multinational oil companies sell polybutylene plumbing parts.