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18 Apr. 2001
Elena is wounded in the shoulder.
25 Apr. 2001
A blackout and a visitor bring changes to the group. Elena worries about the reason Tracy broke up with her and considers doing something about it.
2 May 2001
The Break-Up Kit
Being secretly wooed by others softens the blow of breaking up for Felicity. Molly returns from England. Meghan holds a séance.
9 May 2001
Noel is upset knowing that Ben cheated on Felicity, and Ben wonders about Noel's motives in offering Felicity a job in Seattle.
16 May 2001
It's Raining Men
Ben and Noel fight over Felicity. Javier is hospitalized from the stress of final examinations, and puts Felicity in charge of Dean & Deluca.
23 May 2001
The Last Summer Ever
Noel graduates and tries to finally break from Felicity, and Ben starts thinking seriously about his future.
10 Oct. 2001
The Declaration
Javier goes crazy planning a wedding, Ben comes home with a plan, and Felicity and Noel struggle with their futures.
17 Oct. 2001
My Best Friend's Wedding
Noel and Felicity deal with the consequences of their encounter, Elena and Tracy's wedding is threatened by various incidents, and Sean and Meghan make a decision.
24 Oct. 2001
Your Money or Your Wife
Meghan's parents insist on meeting Sean and his family, Ben struggles in organic chemistry, and Felicity has tuition issues.
31 Oct. 2001
Miss Conception
Felicity competes in a beauty pageant and against an under-handed competitor, Meghan has to make a decision regarding her family, Noel gets an unexpected job offer, and Ben finds a lab test voucher.
7 Nov. 2001
A dismal exam result and a disastrous encounter with the instructor send Ben and his lab partner on a binge, Noel and Javier go to Atlantic City, and Felicity's pageant comes back to haunt her.
14 Nov. 2001
Oops... Noel Did It Again
Bens father is sick and disrupts birthday plans for Felicity, Noel chafes at the tedium of his guidance job, and new roommates tax Elena's patience.
21 Nov. 2001
The Storm
Noel begins a new graphics job, Ben's mother comes to town, and Felicity tries to make it up to Ben.
28 Nov. 2001
The Last Thanksgiving
Felicity and company spend what may be their last Thanksgiving together. Meanwhile, Noel and his brother have a rather calamitous one.
5 Dec. 2001
Moving On
Things unresolved between Ben and Felicity result in matchmaking attempts by their friends, Noel sees a doctor.
12 Dec. 2001
Noel is advised to stop seeing Felicity for awhile, Ben has a major O-chem exam he's having trouble studying for, and Felicity makes another attempt to get into an Art Honors program.
19 Dec. 2001
A Perfect Match
A snowstorm proves fortuitous for Felicity, Ben's father has a crisis, and Noel starts his business with an unexpected partner.

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