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  • No. Brock, who becomes the supervillain Venom in the comics (and the 2007 sequel) is referenced in dialogue ("Eddie's been on it for weeks..."), but does not appear. The character had scenes filmed, but those scenes were cut from the final film, and the deleted scenes do not appear on the DVD. Brock appears later in Spider-Man 3. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Bluto hangs from a tree and kisses Olive Oyl the same way in the Popeye short, Puppet Love (1944).

    Spider-Man kisses Felicia Hardy upside down, in the balcony of her house in Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, though the film took several elements from the Ultimate Spider-Man series, which is an updated retelling of the original stories from the sixties. As such, this list points out the differences between the original stories: (1) In the comics, Peter is bitten by a radioactive spider that was caught in a beam of energy during a science experiment, rather then the genetically altered "super spider" in the film, (2) Peter did not know Harry Osborn or Mary Jane Watson in high school; he met them while at college, along with Gwen Stacy, (3) Peter's first love interest was Betty Brant of the Daily Bugle and then Gwen Stacey (Mary Jane didn't come into the picture until later); (4) Peter's spider-sense does not allow him to precisely see threats to him; it just creates a tingling sensation that varies in intensity depending on the severity of the danger detected, (5) Uncle Ben is killed by a burglar, as opposed to the carjacker in the film, (6) After Peter won the wrestling match, he went on to become a TV sensation, appearing on various talk shows and programs; in the film, he is stiffed of his money by the promoter, and does not go on to TV, and (7) Spider-Man uses lots of wisecracks and sarcasm during encounters with his enemies; in this film and in the two sequels, Spidey's sense of humor is only occasionally represented. The biggest change of all is undoubtedly the organic web shooters, as opposed simply to the wrist mounted guns Peter created that used a special formula he created. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Because those whom he loves get hurt by those who try to hurt him. He refuses a relationship with Mary Jane to protect her. Edit (Coming Soon)


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