The Nazis: A Warning from History Poster

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10 Sep. 1997
Helped into Power
How was it possible that a cultured nation at the heart of Europe ever allowed Hitler and the Nazi party to come to power?
17 Sep. 1997
Chaos and Consent
If the Germans are famous for one quality, it is efficiency. Yet the Nazi administration of Germany during the 1930s was characterized by radical chaos.
24 Sep. 1997
The Wrong War
Hitler admired Great Britain more than any other country. How was it possible, then, that he ended up fighting that country, and allied to the one country he had intended to take land from, Russia?
1 Oct. 1997
The Wild East
Poland was to become the epicenter of Nazi brutality - the place where Nazism achieved its purest and most bestial form. This is the story of the first two years of the Nazi occupation of Poland and the vicious power battles between the Nazi barons.
8 Oct. 1997
The Road to Treblinka
With access to extraordinary new material from Lithuania, including an interview with a member of the Nazi killing squads, this program examines how the Nazi could commit acts that have altered forever of the depths of human cruelty.
15 Oct. 1997
Fighting to the End
In the summer of 1943 the Italians, seeing which way the war was going, voted Mussolini out of office and declared the war over. Why couldn't the Germans do the same? Why did it take the near total destruction of their country for them to give in?

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