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Daryl Hannah: Elle Driver



  • Elle Driver : I might never have liked you. Point of fact, I despise you. But that doesn't suggest I don't respect you. Dying in our sleep is a luxury our kind is rarely afforded. My gift to you.

  • Elle Driver : Hello, Bill.

    Bill : What's her condition?

    Elle Driver : Comatose.

    Bill : Where is she?

    Elle Driver : I'm standing over her right now.

    Bill : That's my girl. Elle, you're gonna have to abort the mission.

    Elle Driver : WHAT?

    Bill : We owe her better than that.


    Bill : Will you keep your voice down?

    Elle Driver : [whispering]  You don't owe her shit!

    Bill : May I say one thing?

    Elle Driver : Speak.

    Bill : Y'all beat the hell out of that woman, but you didn't kill her. And I put a bullet in her head, but her heart just kept on beatin'. Now, you saw that yourself with your own beautiful blue eye, did you not? We've done a lot of things to this lady. And if she ever wakes up, we'll do a whole lot more. But one thing we won't do is sneak into her room in the night like a filthy rat and kill her in her sleep. And the reason we won't do that thing is because... that thing would lower us. Don't you agree, Miss Driver?

    Elle Driver : I guess.

    Bill : Do you really have to guess?

    Elle Driver : [sighs]  No. I don't really have to guess. I know.

    Bill : Come on home, honey.

    Elle Driver : Affirmative.

    Bill : I love you very much.

    Elle Driver : I love you, too. Bye-bye.

  • [after Bill tells her not to kill The Bride] 

    Elle Driver : Thought that was pretty fuckin' funny, didn't you? Word of advice, shithead - don't you ever wake up.

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