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It is not merely a thriller but a shocker. It will separate hard-core Jet Li followers from the fair-weather fans.
Miami Herald
The Hollywood action genre, sliding into a lazy dependence on computer-generated fakery, needs this authentic kick to the head delivered by Jet Li.
The non-fighting parts of Kiss of the Dragon are, despite the presence of co-star Bridget Fonda, completely non-compelling. It's a proud convention in films like this for fans to mark time during exposition, waiting patiently for the action to start up again, and Kiss is very much in that tradition.
This is a garish, rocket-fueled slice of popcorn mayhem, and the perfect antidote to this summer's limp action lineup.
New York Daily News
The action scenes, including one on that tourist sightseeing staple, the Bateau Mouche, were directed by Cory Yuen with some creative touches, including a hail of chopsticks during a fight in a restaurant kitchen.
New Times (L.A.)
Will probably please hard-core action fans who have become inured to plot idiocies, but it remains a terrible waste of talent.
The story is formulaic, but this brutal, fast-paced thriller makes excellent use of Li's martial arts prowess.
Washington Post
Offers just about a kill a minute, but less than a thrill a minute.
Washington Post
Too bad the filmmakers -- and here's where the American part comes in -- decided the movie had to have some heart, too.
New York Post
Li is powerless when the film slows to a crawl to provide a little drama.

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