Half Past Dead (2002) Poster

Bruce Weitz: Lester McKenna


  • Lester : My destiny is in God's hands. I'm cool with that.

  • Sasha : [Sasha confesses to Nick about who he is]  I'm undercover. F.B.I.

    Nick : But you passed the lie detector test.

    Sasha : That's nothing man. Anybody can do that.

    Nick : [with anger in his voice]  All this time... y ou've been settin' up on me.

    [aims his weapon at Sasha] 

    Nick : I believed in you. I trusted you. Brought you into my family...


    Nick : I vouched for you! And you betrayed me?

    Sasha : It's not that simple.

    Lester : [places hand on Nick's shoulder]  Don't do it.

    [Nick disarms himself, unable to shoot Sasha] 

    Sasha : [guilty expression on his face]  Well, I'm sorry.

    [Sasha walks away to take Lester to safety] 

    Nick : I thought we was friends, Sasha.

    Sasha : [stops in his tracks]  We still are. You can bet your life on that.

  • Little Joe : Go with God, my brother.

    Lester : Always.

  • Lester : The rumor is you went half past dead and came back.

    Sasha : Yeah!

    Lester : Took a ride on the flat line for 22 minutes... and lived to tell. Thought we could play some cards and talk about that.

  • Sasha : Who is this guy?

    [Sasha turns to a cell guard] 

    Lester : I'm a man with 50 minutes to live.

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