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  • Hammy is the original CGI crazy squirrel, for two reasons. Hammy was a character in the Over the Hedge comics from 1995. Over the Hedge was also written and produced and the characters were fully developed before Hoodwinked! was even thought of. Both Over the Hedge and Hoodwinked! were scheduled for a November 2005 release, but Over the Hedge was pushed back because it was not yet finished.

    Squirrels are fast. They move fast, they eat fast, they have fast metabolisms, and their heart rate is high. Representing a squirrel as hyperactive is thus not a stretch. That is also the extent of the similarities between Twitchy and Hammy. Edit

  • The Over the Hedge creators are considering making a sequel as they had a lot of fun with the characters during production, but at this stage, nothing has been confirmed. A sequel is still yet to be announced. Edit



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