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While Nemo's story line is as clear as its pellucid blues, Wild's narrative is as muddy as its colors.
Boston Globe
Slapstick and potty humor for the kids, sly allusions and famous voices for the adults, and a light coating of aren't-we-lucky-to-have-each-other schmaltz at the very end - yep, Nickelodeon has the family-flick formula pretty much down.
The number of characters makes Rugrats Go Wild somewhat bulkier than its less complicated predecessors, but fans are not likely to mind.
It's an enjoyable ride.
Entertainment Weekly
Mildly amusing, but compared to Pixar's splashy fish story, the rudimentary drawings and childish gags of Nickelodeon's latest feature look, in a word, cartoonish.
Television-loving children will scream for Rugrats Go Wild!, and in this case, their parents can go ahead and let them—they won't be missing much.
There is little here to hold the attention of anyone older than 9. For families in search of entertainment, it may be time to find Nemo again.
L.A. Weekly
Paramount Pictures proudly informs us that the PG rating is for “mild, crude humor.” Too mild, too crude by far. If I were you, I’d take the wee ones and run for the vastly superior “Finding Nemo.”
Chicago Reader
This frantic sequel finds the diaper-obsessed heroes and their foolish parents marooned on a desert island, where they encounter the family from a more charming Nickelodeon cartoon.
Village Voice
As matinee probations go, the movie's tainted by too many bad songs and too much of Bruce Willis.

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