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Season 5

1 Jan. 2006
Caring and Sharing
To wean the kids off vegging out in front of the TV with a more classic pursuit - puppet theatres. Elsewhere, Mike is not enjoying his new role as chef.
1 Jan. 2006
Too Many Crooks
There is a mystery thief in the Dumping Ground, as seemingly random items are going missing - but who's responsible? Meanwhile, the feud between reluctant roomies Justine and Rebecca continues to rise.
8 Jan. 2006
Chantal's Goodbye
It's Chantal's last day before she leaves to go live with her dad. But she hasn't told Rio and Roxy she's leaving yet. While the Wellards are going through a tough time, the others are looking forward of one less Wellard raining terror.
8 Jan. 2006
Free Piggy
Mike creates a mini-farmyard in the back garden, complete with three chickens and a fully-grown pig. Lol and Layla feel sorry for the pig, and plan to set it free. Meanwhile, Rio is pulling out all the stops to maximise his chances of getting fostered at Elaine's Open Day.
15 Jan. 2006
Scary Milly
After the boys discover a creepy looking mask during a loft clear-out, everyone becomes convinced it has mystical powers, especially after strange goings-on start to happen. Does the new girl Milly have anything to do with them?
15 Jan. 2006
Life Coach
Jackie limps back to the Dumping Ground on crutches, but she's not in the mood for anything but solitude. Tracy's gets the impression she's not wanted by anyone, and Crash gets some news which makes him take to the punch bag in a big way.
22 Jan. 2006
Justine helps Elaine transform herself into a chic, orderly professional woman. But soon regrets it when Elaine becomes a monster. Meanwhile, ditsy Alice arrives at the DG and Bouncer offers to stand in as Marco's Mum on Mother's Day.
22 Jan. 2006
Tracy's Fantasy
Writer Cam Lawson visits the Dumping Ground, and everyone is excited, especially Tracy.
29 Jan. 2006
Cash Cows
The Wellards and Rebecca think they've hit the jackpot when they find out that Wolfie is secretly loaded. They begin giving Wolfie a lot of attention, in hope they he will share his money with them.
29 Jan. 2006
Telling Tales
Shelley returns to the DG and is dismayed at the bad behaviour going on. She insists that the kids spend the day thinking about their bad behaviour - boredom turns to fantasy as the kids imagine how they'd get their own back on the adults.
5 Feb. 2006
A Dog's Life
Alice and Layla attempt to find a home for a stray dog, but later the kids are horrified when their dream foster parents decide to take the dog home instead of one of them.
5 Feb. 2006
Someone has iced Elaine and Shelly is not pleased. She makes everyone stay behind until someone owns up. As, Justine was with Shelly doing homework, Justine is allowed to leave but she becomes interrogator. Justine believes it was Rebecca and notes everyone's reasons for wanting to get back at Elaine. Rebecca's motive is that Elaine walked into her and made Rebecca spill her drink, ruining her new dress. Rebecca said about Rio and Roxy's motive which was that they were annoyed with Elaine as she was calling them special and that they were never going to be fostered. ...
19 Feb. 2006
Love All
It's Valentine's Day, and Elaine and Mike have arranged a romantic disco party for all the kids, on the proviso that they all pair off for it - much to Roxy's disgust. With no love in the air, Marco and Milly spend the day playing Cupid in a series of ingenious ways, and one resident gets a comeuppance they'll never forget.

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