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12 Feb. 2004
Leavin' on a Jet Plane
Tracy goes to visit Cam and finds her preparing to go away to America.
12 Feb. 2004
Supernatural Shelley
Shelly's efforts to improve the Dumping Ground aren't popular with the children.
19 Feb. 2004
New arrival Jackie refuses to accept that she needs to be in care and tries to leave.
19 Feb. 2004
Free Louise
Tracy thinks Louise is unhappy with her new family and takes matters into her own hands.
26 Feb. 2004
The Bygraves
Tracy and Justine are sick of Michael that they hatch a plan to get rid of him for good.
26 Feb. 2004
Down with School
Tracy and Crash decide that if Jackie can have some schooling then so can they.
4 Mar. 2004
Crashed and Trashed
Crash and Tracy are both in bad moods and fall out at breakfast, and Tracy hears from Cam.
4 Mar. 2004
No-one Quite Like Grampa
Tracy and Jackie think it's time for drastic action, and Michael is smitten by Louise.
11 Mar. 2004
Down to Earth
Tracey is rushed into hospital for an emergency operation and has a surprise visitor.
11 Mar. 2004
Nothing Happens Here
Tracy reckons she knows exactly what Cam's new book should be about.
18 Mar. 2004
The Beaker Club
Some of the children decide to set up "The Beaker Club" in honour of Tracy.
18 Mar. 2004
Power Cut
There's a power cut at the Dumping Ground and Tracy spots an opportunity for some fun.
25 Mar. 2004
Just Desserts
Tracy takes a dislike to Cam's book agent, and Bouncer has a difficult first day at work.
25 Mar. 2004
Mind Your Own Business
Tracy reckons it's time Louise's boyfriend got a taste of his own medicine.
2 Apr. 2004
I Am Not in Love
Tracy develops a crush on Wilson, but is loath to admit it. However, it becomes clear to the whole house when she accepts an invitation to visit Wilson's mother with him in hospital, and whilst out with Cam, she cannot stop talking about him. Is Tracy in love?
2 Apr. 2004
Time Capsule
The kids find something buried in the garden and Justine tells everyone Tracy's secret.
9 Apr. 2004
Football Trial
Lol is fast turning into the next David Beckham, and Tracy wants to be his manager.
9 Apr. 2004
We Are Family
Tracy and Lol turn detective to try and get to the bottom of Bouncer's strange behaviour.
16 Apr. 2004
Be Prepared
Layla is determined to get her cub scout badges, but will she accept Tracy's assistance?
16 Apr. 2004
Sufia the Silent
Tracy's nose is put out of joint when she's forced to share her room with a new arrival.
23 Apr. 2004
Babies Suck!
Justine is desperate for her Dad and Carrie to ask her home with them for good.
23 Apr. 2004
The TV cameras arrive at the Dumping Ground, and Tracy attempts to hog the limelight.
30 Apr. 2004
Be Quiet
Tracy thinks Elaine has come up with her worst idea yet; Hayley is sick of being ignored.
30 Apr. 2004
Dad Trouble
Tracy's desperate to make a good impression, but will everything go to plan?
7 May 2004
The Big Race
Jackie is determined to make her grandpa proud; and is Tracy ready to forgive Cam?
7 May 2004
Good as Gold
It's Justine's big day, and will Tracy's dreams finally come true?

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