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Season 1

19 Apr. 1968
No Such Thing as a Vampire
There's no such thing as a vampire. So why does the doctor's wife in a small Transylvanian village find puncture marks on her neck, why is she always pallid and listless, and what can be done to save her?
26 Apr. 1968
William and Mary
Can an eye and a brain be kept alive when the rest of a man's body has died? And is it desirable that they should be?
3 May 1968
The Corpse Can't Play
A strange little boy who is disliked by all crashes a children's party and introduces some weird variations to some traditional children's party games.
10 May 1968
The Triumph of Death
Rumours persist about a haunted Elizabethian mansion do its ghostly spinster occupant.
17 May 1968
The Bells of Hell
A newlywed couple check into a nearly deserted inn where the owners and other residents for the church bell's ringing.
24 May 1968
The Kiss of Blood
A beautiful young woman, who is married to a rich older man decides to have an affair since her husband spends all of his free time with his flowers.

 Season 1 

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