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  • He didn't, because when they found his body, they recognised that he sustained knife injuries but couldn't find a knife on him. Edit

  • One of the other team members, either Hans or Carl, mentioned that they knew an Mossad agent who became paranoid enough that he started sleeping in his closet to lessen the chance that his enemies might find him and kill him. Avner, suffering paranoia himself and plagued by nightmares, thought, after Hans turned up murdered, that the same people would find him. Edit

  • Salameh was probably giving them information about other terrorists that the CIA wanted to track down. Also, he could have been using them as protection, i.e., he knew that the other men he'd worked with to plan and execute the Munich massacre had been killed and suspected that Israel had sent Mossad to do it. Therefore he struck a deal with the CIA who would keep him alive to extract information from. Edit

  • There are 11 of them: Wadie Haddad, Abu Daoud, Mahmoud Hamshari, Wael Zwaiter, Dr. Basil al-Kubaisi, Kamal Nasser, Kemal Adwan, Abu Youssef, Mohammed Boudia, Hussein al-Chir, and Ali Hassan Salameh. Edit

  • Out of the eleven terrorists of Black September, six of the targets are killed and one replacement. As shown in the film:

    (1) In Rome, Wael Zwaiter is shot to death by Avner and Robert as he's going to his apartment, after they ask for his name.

    (2) In Paris, Mahmoud Hamshari is severely injured by a bomb hidden in his telephone after Robert detonates it. He is still alive and is taken to the hospital, but dies later due to serious injuries he sustained in the blast.

    (3) In Cyprus, Hussein al-Chir has a bomb strapped under his bed. Avner rents a room next to him to give his team the signal to detonate it. His signal is after he sees Hussein lay on his bed, he turns off the lamp in his room and Robert then detonates it. After he does so, Hussein is thrown up and killed, but the bomb is so powerful, it nearly kills Avner and the newlyweds in the other room.

    (4) In Beirut, Lebanon, Avner and his team gather Israeli soldiers disguised as women who kill all the guards protecting the apartment where the three targets are hiding. Abu Youseff is first killed when a bomb forces him to the floor. The soldiers find him under the door and shoot him to death.

    (5) Kamal Adwan is shot to death in his own bedroom after the Israeli soldiers take his wife away.

    (6) Kamal Nasser is shot to death along with his wife after he shoots an Israeli soldier. After the targets are killed, the remaining army fight with more Palestinians, but Avner and his team escape.

    (7) Avner learns that Hussein al-Chir has been replaced by Ziad Muchasi, who is not one of their targets. They travel to Athens and rent a safehouse. Robert and Hans go into Muchasi's room and plant a bomb in his television. As the team wait in a car, Robert presses the remote, but the bomb doesn't activate. Hans grabs a hand grenade and heads to Zaid's apartment. He breaks in, throws the grenade under the TV that detonates the planted bomb-the bomb explodes, destroying the apartment and killing Muchasi. Hans makes it out of the apartment and back to his team's car after the team engage in a gunfight, during which they kill a Russian and an Arab that Avner had been talking to in the safehouse.

    (8) The team travel to London to kill Salameh, the leader of Black September, but Avner gets in a fight with drunken CIA agents during which the assassination is aborted. The team go to find a hotel to rest, the bar in which Avner meets an attractive woman. She signals her willingness to sleep with him which Avner declines and leaves the bar meeting Carl who is entering who he warns "beware the local honeytrap". Avner finds Carl dead that night and suspects the woman. Avner, Steve, and Hans find her home in Hoorn, Netherlands and kill her. After Robert and Hans are killed, Avner and Steve go to Spain to eliminate Salameh, but they fail after a teenage boy notices them and is shot in the head, after which they escape. By the end of the film, It shows that 9 of the 11 targets were killed, including Salameh in 1979. The remaining targets who don't die in the film are Wadie Haddad, Abu Daoud, Dr. Basil al-Kubaisi, Mohammed Boudia, and Ali Hassan Salameh.

    In real life however, Wadie Haddad was killed in 1978, when Mossad sent him poisoned chocolates that slowly killed him about a month later. Abu Daoud died of kidney failure in 2010. Dr. Basil al-Kubaisi was shot by two gunmen (possibly Mossad) in 1973. Mohammed Boudia was killed in 1973 when Mossad agents pressure-activated a mine under his car seat. Ali Hassan Salameh, after five assassination attempts, was killed by a car bomb in 1979 along with his bodyguards and four bystanders. So eventually, all of the targets were killed by Mossad, except for Abu Daoud.

    Atlantic Productions, producers of BAFTA-nominated documentary Munich: Mossad's Revenge, listed several discrepancies between Spielberg's film and the information it obtained from interviews with Mossad agents involved in the operation. The murder of a female Dutch assassin depicted in the film, as well as in George Jonas' book "Vengeance", went unacknowledged by the documentary, implying that it is completely fictional. Edit

  • They are all agents connected with Mossad: (1) Avner Kaufman, a German- Israeli born soldier who is also a family man; he's the leader of the team, (2) Robert, a Belgian toy maker now turned bomb maker, (3) Hans, a document and identity forger, (4) Steve, a South African getaway driver, and (5) Carl, the clean up man who rids any evidence. Avner meets an attractive woman in the hotel bar and suspecting her intentions, he turns down her overtures and leaves the bar warning the incoming Carl about her as he does so. The next day, Avner finds Carl naked and shot in the back of the head in the woman's hotel room. Hans is found stabbed to death on a park bench (the agents never find out why). Robert is killed by a bomb accident in his workshop after it explodes. After the attempted assassination of Salameh, Steve resigns from Mossad and Avner returns home to New York to his family, traumatized and tired from murdering people. Edit

  • Louis and his father run a secretive French intelligence agency that provides Avner and his team with the whereabouts of their targets. The operation in Beirut had offended Louis and his Papa because they don't like to work for governments, and that operation was clearly carried out by Israel's Mossad. However, Papa finds that he likes Avner, due in small part to their mutual love of cooking, and decides to continue doing business with him. Edit

  • They're kidneys but the animal they came from isn't specified. They could be from cows since they're very large. Avner needs to peel off the outer membrane and fat before Papa prepares them. Papa also tells Avner not to wash them because it will ruin their flavor. Edit



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