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  • While on a red-eye flight from Dallas, Texas to Miami, Florida, Lux Atlantic Hotel manager Lisa Reisert (Rachel McAdams) is forced to participate in her charming seatmate Jackson Rippner's (Cillian Murphy) plot to assassinate Homeland Security Deputy Secretary William Keefe (Jack Scalia), who is staying at the Lux Atlantic. If Lisa doesn't comply, her father Joe (Brian Cox) will be killed by a hit man who is already stationed outside the house waiting to hear from Jackson. However, Lisa is 35,000 feet above ground with nowhere to run for help. Edit

  • Red Eye is based on a story and screenplay written by Carl Ellsworth and Dan Foos. Edit

  • Red Eye is the term given to a late night flight from which passengers typically arrive with red, bloodshot eyes, hence the name Red Eye. Edit

  • He either had connections or he found out what seat she was in by following her so that he could ask for the seat next to hers when he bought his ticket. Edit

  • He wants her to use the in-flight phone to call the hotel and have them move the Keefes from their usual secure room 3825 to suite 4080, which faces on the harbor. Lisa tries to convince Jackson that she doesn't have that authority, but he knows better and orders her to make the call. Under duress, Lisa makes the call, explaining to her assistant Cynthia (Jayma Mays) that there is a plumbing problem in 3825 and authorizing her to make the move. Edit

  • This is unknown. However, Jackson says that he never lies, so this could confirm that he did kill his parents. Edit

  • Lisa was raped. She says to Jackson, It happened in a parking lot...the scar. Two years ago, in the middle of the day. He held a knife to my throat the whole time. Ever since I've been trying to convince myself of one thing over and over... Craven confirms this in the commentary. Edit

  • Lisa stabbed Jackson in the windpipe, which is nowhere near the carotid arteries nor the jugular veins which run up the sides of the neck. His wound was not life threatening. Edit

  • The best guess is that, like Lisa, he stole a car. Edit

  • After phoning Cynthia at the hotel to make sure that the Keefes are okay, Lisa runs into the kitchen, only to find her father lying on the floor and Jackson leering at her, a scarf tied around his neck to cover the hole in his windpipe. Lisa manages to get away, but Jackson fishes the knife off the body of the dead hitman and goes after her. Meanwhile, Lisa has climbed out a window and lowered herself back into the kitchen where she pulls her unconscious father behind the island, hits Jackson over the head with a vase, and races upstairs. She finds a phone and calls 9-1-1 for help, but Jackson leaps out from behind a door and throws her downstairs. As Jackson comes after her again with the knife, Lisa notices a gun hidden under a chest of drawers and shoots him in the abdomen with it. Jackson grabs her by the hair and is about to slit her neck, when Joe, having regained consciousness, picks up the gun and shoots Jackson in the chest. As Jackson lay on the floor (still alive), sirens can be heard arriving. In the final scene, Lisa returns to the hotel where she is thanked by Secretary Keefe and bombasted by the Taylors for the inconveniences of their stay. Lisa tells them to fill out a comment card and then shove it up their ass. She and Cynthia then go out together for a drink ...anything but a bay breeze. Edit

  • Jackson was not the assassin; he was just the manager of the operations. He was the thinker. It was his job to set everything up. Lisa fought back. She wasn't physically stronger, but mentally stronger she was. She was more cunning than him in the end. Edit

  • A sea breeze cocktail contains vodka with cranberry and grapefruit juices. A bay breeze substitutes pineapple juice for the grapefruit juice. Edit



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