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  • Having left the friends who rescued her at the end of Apocalypse because she knew that Umbrella was tracking her, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is now on her own, constantly moving around the Nevada Desert because it's the best way to keep the zombies from finding her. During a chance meeting with a convoy of survivors led by Claire Redford (Ali Larter), Alice meets up again with Carlos Olivera (Oded Fehr) and L.J. Wade (Mike Epps) (from Apocalypse) and decides to join them as the convoy makes its way north to Alaska. Meanwhile, Umbrella scientist Dr Isaacs (Iain Glen) has been experimenting with clones of Alice in hopes of developing a cure for the virus using her blood, but the clones are not proving to be very resilient. When he chances to locate the real Alice through the Umbrella satellite, he defies orders from his superior and goes looking for her. Edit

  • Resident Evil: Extinction is based on a screenplay by English film director, Paul W.S. Anderson, who based his story on a survival horror video game series, created by Japanese video game designer Shinji Mikami and released in 1996 as Biohazard in Japan and Resident Evil in English-speaking countries. Resident Evil: Extinction is the third in a series of five movies. It was preceded by Resident Evil (2002) (2002) and Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) (2004) and followed by Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) (2010), Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) (2012), and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016) (2016). The movie was novelized in 2007 by Keith R.A. DeCandido who also novelized Resident Evil: Genesis (2004), and Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004). There are also a number of novelizations of the videogame series, but these are unrelated to the movies. Edit

  • Five years. Alice explains how, between the events in Apocalypse and Extinction, the T-virus escaped from Raccoon City, quickly spreading across the United States and then the world, not only turning humans into zombies but drying up rivers and lakes and turning forests into deserts. Edit

  • This is not directly explained in the third film. The supposition is that they died in the events that occurred between the second and third films, since the "convoy" lost around half its population in that time. However, in the novel adaptation (released before the movie), Jill is now leading about 100 survivors in Baltimore. As for Angie, the book explains that she was killed by Alice, while Alice was being controlled by the Umbrella Corporation in Detroit. Jill Valentine makes a very brief appearance during a mid-credit sequence at the end of Resident Evil: Afterlife (setting up for her more involved role in Resident Evil: Retribution). Therein, she is hard to recognize because she has long blonde hair unlike her appearance in Apocalypse, and she is under the control of Umbrella (much like her character in the Resident Evil 5 game). Edit

  • By presumption, the Red Queen was modeled after Angela Ashford from the second film by her father Dr. Charles Ashford. The White Queen's appearance is not modeled after Angela Ashford, and although not confirmed we can easily assume that the White Queen was a more updated version of the Red Queen. Edit

  • At the beginning of the crow sequence it was mentioned that the crows had been feeding on infected flesh, therefore they were infected. The Red Queen is heard saying in Resident Evil, "One bite—one scratch—is sufficient enough to pass the virus." Betty (Ashanti) had numerous scratches from the birds and the birds pecked at her skin and flesh, so she would most likely turn into an undead herself sooner or later. Instead of endangering the rest of the convoy, she may have chosen to enclose herself within the bus. A second theory comes from the bus window beginning to break. The crows are clearly seen breaking through the glass window and swooping in the bus. It's possible she closed the door of the bus to prevent the crows from flying out to harm the rest of the convoy. Edit

  • It is said that the major cities have the most zombies, but when the convoy arrived in Vegas, the zombies were nowhere to be seen. Alice said "Those birds must have moved through the city block by block. Pecked it clean." The strange thing is that neither the zombies nor other T-virus-infected creatures such as the zombie dogs or the Lickers never eat other infected creatures because the zombies or other infected creatures eat only fresh blood and flesh, which is why the zombies in the first Resident Evil didn't eat each other. However, crows are scavengers that eat both dead and living things. That would explain why the crows eat all the zombies in Vegas—the zombies were the only food they could find since the living population had dropped after the outbreak. Edit

  • He used the antivirus, but in excessive amounts. That is why he suffered some side effects. Edit

  • While searching the virtually abandoned Hive for Isaacs, Alice comes upon Alice Clone 88 lying I stasis in her incubator bubble. Suddenly, the heavily mutated Isaacs leaps out at her, knocking Alice against the bubble and awakening the clone. The bubble breaks, and the clone spills out into Alice's arms, then collapses. Alice covers her body with a coat and goes after Isaacs. They fight each other through the mansion and into the laser corridor. "I am the future," Isaacs taunts, but Alice begins to laugh. As the laser grid begins to pass through the room, Alice laughs. "No," she replies, "you're just another asshole." As she watches, Isaacs' body is sliced by the advancing grid. Just before the grid reaches Alice, it stops, having been deactivated by Clone 88, who adds, "You're the future all right." Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Umbrella head Albert Wesker (Jason O'Mara) is holding a meeting with other Umbrella branch heads to assure them that, even though the North American branch seems to have shut down, research will still continue under his supervision. Suddenly, Alice appears as a hologram and warns Wesker that he won't have to wait long because she's coming to get him, and she's bringing a few of her friends along. In the final scene, Alice and Clone 88 stand together looking down row after row of Alice clones incubating in their bubbles. Edit

  • One draft of the screenplay had Cindy Lennox as a character. However, due to problems with casting and pressured timing, the character was taken out but a similar character "Nurse Betty" was added in. Edit



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