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Season 1

9 Apr. 2006
Meet the Power Strikers (Part 1)
Vida, Alexa, Freddie and Lauren learn to overcome their differences and their own issues, discovering the meaning of teamwork as they play for the Power Strikers. Meanwhile Vida steps up to the team captain for treating the other players poorly.
9 Apr. 2006
Meet the Power Strikers (Part 2)
When team captain Dana gets injured, Coach Moore puts Lauren in to fill her giant shoes. Lauren also discovers Chris has a girlfriend.
23 Apr. 2006
The Right Size
The girls discover that they each have things about themselves they don't like.
21 May 2006
The Freudian Kick
Elise gets her nose broken after getting a soccer ball in the face.
7 May 2006
I'll Cry if I Want To
Vida hosts a slumber and invites Freddie, Alexa, Lauren and the rest of the team.
7 May 2006
I Love Lucy
Lauren starts hanging out with Freddie's grandmother Lucy.
14 May 2006
Freudian Kicks
Elise gets her nose broken after getting a soccer ball in the face.
28 May 2006
Out of Time
Lauren struggles to deal with all her activities.
4 Jun. 2006
We Aren't Family
Vida wishes that her father could attend more of her games.
11 Jun. 2006
Sister Before Mister
Alexa and Freddie meet a cute boy named Marc on the subway.
16 Jul. 2006
Alexa in Charge
The girls try to figure out why Alexa has been acting strangely and leaving soccer practice early.
23 Jul. 2006
Waiting for Fleishman
An Olympic Development Program scout attends a Power Strikers game.
25 Jun. 2006
The Longest Yarn
Lauren begins a knitting class, but ends up ditching the class to go out with Chris. When her mom discovers what Lauren has done she has a talk with Lauren about their 'no dating' agreement.

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