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Val Kilmer: Agent Pryzwarra



  • Agent Pryzwarra : It's not your fault she dies.

    Doug Carlin : Well, that's one theory.

  • Doug Carlin : [watching Pryzwarra write the note]  ... 2 L's. Surveilling, 2 L's.

    Denny : [sarcastic laugh]  ... since this is such a tremendous waste of taxpayer money, the least we could do is get the spelling right.

    Shanti : That's not necessarily true. Branching Universe Theory holds you can do...

    Denny : Ohhh... Branching... Universe... Theory... ohhh, no no no.

    Shanti : Alright, I'll show you. The traditional view of time is linear, like a river, flowing from the past towards the future.

    Doug Carlin : But you can change the course of a river, right?

    Shanti : Exactly. Introduce a significant enough event at any point in this river and you create a new branch, still flowing toward the future, but along a different route. Changed.

    Denny : Yeah, but that river is the Mississippi and we're lobbing what amounts to a pebble into it. That's a very few tiny ripples in a kind of big body of water, don't you think?

    Shanti : Traditionalist.

    Agent Pryzwarra : Say we do create this new branch. What happens to the old one to this one?

    Denny : [referring to Shanti]  ... Ask the radical!

    Shanti : Well, it might continue parallel to the new branch. Most likely, it ceases to exist.

    Denny : The idea is we cease to exist, alright? Or this version of us, anyway. Umm, we never came here, we didn't meet Doug, we don't remember it ever happening.

    Agent Pryzwarra : Well, that's worth 10 billion right there.

  • Doug Carlin : This is not surveillance. This is the actual past.

    Agent Pryzwarra : Yes.

  • Agent Pryzwarra : It's a brand new program. It's called Snow White. Our primary data comes from seven orbiting satellites but at any given time as many as four are surveilling one area. It's like having multiple eyewitnesses, each with their own vantage point.

    Doug Carlin : Snow White...

    [pauses to watch video] 

    Doug Carlin : ... but which one of the seven dwarves can explain to me how you get the audio?

  • Agent Pryzwarra : We've got some unique time constraints.

  • Agent Pryzwarra : [about a handwritted note]  Would've been a lot faster if you'd written it yourself.

    Doug Carlin : Right. Then I recognize my *own* handwriting and the universe blows up.

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