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Diane Kruger: The Hollywood Flashback Interview

(Diane Kruger in Inglourious Basterds, above.)

Diane Kruger

The Blockbuster Beauty Goes IndieBy Terry Keefe

[This article originally appeared in 2006 in Venice Magazine. I had lunch with Diane Kruger at the Chateau Marmont, and I remember most distinctly two things: 1. I've never been around anyone in Hollywood who so many guys were trying to get the attention of. Several Hollywood agent types waved to her as they were entering and leaving with greetings like "Hi, beautiful." 2. She was also very polite, much more so than your typical American hot starlet, walking me out afterwards to the valet stand and generally displaying no star attitude whatsoever. She's had a great year with Inglorious Basterds. Nice to see.)

Heads turn when she walks into the restaurant, even in blase L.A. It's a bit redundant to say that she's beautiful, yet the reality is that beautiful might be understating the case. This is a woman who, after all, first came to prominence two years ago when Wolfgang Petersen cast her as Helen of Troy, whose legendary looks were so stunning that nations went to war over her. But once you're past the surface charms of Diane Kruger, what really becomes evident is how seriously she's taking the development of her craft as an actress. After Troy and National Treasure, the easy money would have had her choosing to do another string of Hollywood blockbusters. Not that she's sworn off big budget films by any means, but she's also taken an interesting journey into
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Les brigades du tigre (The Tiger Brigades)

I've never seen The Untouchables and I didn't like this film. While the performance of the cast was okay, I just didn't like the idea to have a film that briefly documents what the Mobile Brigade did without much context and explanations. Hopefully, Diane Kruger plays in the film.

In 1907, a new wave (and kind) of crimes becomes part of the France's from the Belle Époque. This is why Georges Clemenceau, the French Minister of the Interior, creates the mobile brigades. However, the public opinion calls them the Tiger Brigades. In Paris, Inspector Constantin must fight a group of anarchists and corrupted civil servants and Constance (Diane Kruger), the wife of a Russian prince, in 1912. As his investigation progresses, Constantin will come to wonder if the signature of the Triple Alliance will contribute to France's national security.

Honestly, many won't have a problem with the fact that Les brigades du tigre
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