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  • The following FAQ entries may contain spoilers. Only the biggest ones (if any) will be covered with spoiler tags. It is assumed that no one who is diligently avoiding spoilers will be visiting this page in the first place. Edit

  • Stuart always intended to go through with it, even if his desire to was subconscious. Eli Roth discussed with Roger Bart the concept that even if Stuart's mouth keeps saying no, his feet keep moving forward. Stuart even has Beth dressed like his wife, and at the fair with Todd, when they see Beth through the binoculars, Todd says "Dead fuckin' ringer, right?" Todd purposely picked a girl who looked like Stuart's wife, knowing that's what would get Stuart off. Stuart's terrified to go into the room because he knows deep inside him he really wants to kill his wife, and does not want to let that side of himself out. But once he gets a taste of the control over another person that side of him comes out, and he tries to beat her to death. Todd, on the other hand, went through the exact opposite; he wanted to kill at first but when he was about to (and after he saw Whitney injured) he came to his senses. Edit

  • "Synecku Synecku" by Varmuzova Cimbalova. Edit

  • She is captured on the lakeside and hanged upside down, naked, in a room that has a bathtub sitting in the center. Another naked woman sits underneath Lorna, and begins to slice her open with a scythe, causing her blood to shower down onto the woman. After a few minutes, the woman uses another, smaller scythe to slash Lorna's throat.

    The inspiration for the scene might have been the legend of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian woman who allegedly murdered hundreds of young women during the late 1500s and early 1600s. One of the more gruesome rumors about her was that she bathed in the blood of her victims before killing them. Edit

  • Beth tricks Stuart into wanting to have sex. It is then she is able to attack Stuart and tie him the the chair and forces Stuart to reveal the numbered code to open the door; the code is her birthday: 1212. Elite's staff responds and rushes into the room to find her holding a pair of scissors at Stuart's groin, threatening to cut off his genitalia. She then says that she wants to buy her way out - she'd inherited a fortune from her mother's death and she has the money to offer them. After she learns that no one can leave without killing, she cuts Stuart's genitalia off after he calls her a "stupid fucking cunt" and feeds it to the dogs. She fulfills Elite's contract by leaving Stuart to bleed to death and is tattooed with the symbol of the bloodhound.

    We then see the Bubblegum Gang steal Axelle's purse to lead her into the woods where she's tripped by a rope, a trap set by the kids. She then sees a woman in a cloak which is revealed to be Beth. Beth then beheads Axelle and The Bubblegum Gang play soccer with Axelle's head. Edit

  • The only thing is one of the Bubblegum Gang kids heard shouting, "Bitches!" at the end as a reprise to the scene earlier in the film. Edit

  • Excerpt from Last week we broke the news on the film, now we just received a very interesting phone call from a reliable source that informs us that writer-director-actor-producer Scott Spiegel is in serious talks to both write and direct Hostel: Part III, which we're told is slated to go direct-to-DVD/Blu-ray. Spiegel is a big genre fav as he produced both HOSTEL and HOSTEL: PART II for Lionsgate and Sony Screen Gems, starred in Raimi's THE EVIL DEAD, wrote and starred in EVIL DEAD II, and has also been part of various other horror projects (check out his IMDB listing). There is still no word on Eli Roth's involvement, but we'll you posted as news comes in and when we can officially confirm Spiegel's involvement.

    The movie has indeed been made and released in 2011 as a direct-to-DVD/BluRay movie: Hostel: Part III (2011). There was no direct involvement by Eli Roth. Edit

  • Apart from a different color palette the R Rated Version is approximately 30 seconds shorter than the Unrated Director's Cut.

    There's also a workprint of the movie with only a few minor differences. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Because they were beating on Beth. Stuart paid big money for Beth, and Elite Hunting wanted to be sure she was kept in perfect condition. Had Beth gotten beaten up, her price would have gone down.

    The children were also going after Beth for money, without Sasha's permission. So for their punishment, he made an example out of one of them. He lined them up, saying to Slovak, "Get away, this one's mine." Sasha went down the line, looking at them one by one, as if to say "Who's it gonna be?" The kids know one of their own must die, so they sacrifice their friend. The boys turn against him and throw him to Sasha, who shoots him.

    Sasha exchanges looks with the leader, as if to say, "Now we're even."

    The kids walk away, staring, knowing one day they'll get their revenge. And they do. At the end of the film The Bubblegum Gang helps Beth to kill Axelle. Edit

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